Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Favorite Nude Lip: Lime Crime Coquette Swatches and Review

Nude lipstick swatches: Barry M Pale Nude, Lime Crime Coquette, and Revlon Soft Nude.

Finding the perfect nude lipstick is like finding the perfect red. It's hard because it's different for everybody. I don't know why it took so long for me to try Lime Crime'sCoquette, considering I bought so many of their other lip colors.
I guess I just figured I should only get the unconventional shades because a nude is so easily accessible from most brands. Right? Wrong. I just wore it to work and got 3 compliments on the shade before lunch.

Lime Crime Coquette Lip Swatch

It's not a concealer-nude on my NC25 skin, but it will be if you are deeper-toned than NW25 or NC30.
I love it on my skin because it's got some warmth/pink in the formula (see the swatches against Barry M and Revlon above) and not too pale, too grey, or too brown. Because I have so little red in my skin, wearing something too brown or pale makes me look like a walking corpse. This, for me, has a hint of blush in it and is perfect for that kitten-ish Brigitte Bardot look with dark lids and lots of liner and mascara.

When I swiped this on, I was first impressed by how I did not need any lip primer to even out my lip tone ahead of time. Coquette went on in an even layer and didn't sink into lines like some sheer or waxy pale lipsticks can. It goes on creamy (like a MAC Amplified Creme) and sets into a satin finish an hour later, which is perfect for me.

This is not meant to be a long-wearing lipstick but it's lasted pretty darned well so far. After about 3-4 hours of wear (with plenty of talking and some drinking), it will become less opaque and settle into lip lines a little, but that's only noticeable if you hold a mirror a few inches from your lips and stare), but that's much less than other nude lipsticks have. I only need to press my lips together every once in awhile to even it out, and then touch up after I eat.
It also does not make my sensitive lips flake or feel too dry.

Unoffensive, comforting Vanillin flavor, like MAC.

Coquette retails for US$15.99 on


  1. You are so pretty you should post pictures of your full face! I love this color do you have Mac a perfect day lipstick I really like that one for an everyday nude

    1. Hi Angelina
      Thanks for the compliment! I do have some full-face shots on my Tumblr when I do face of the day posts but I want to take up-close shots for reviews and tutorials so readers can see textures of products clearer. ;-)

      I haven't tried MAC Perfect Day but I'll definitely check it out next time!

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