Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bobbi Brown 25th Anniversary Nude Library Celebration Kit

Bobbi Brown was the brand that introduced yellow-based foundations and neutral makeup to the masses, for which we will be forever grateful. This year, they turn 25 and celebrate with one of the most mind-blowing kits ever for neutral addicts.

The Nude Library is housed in a gorgeous box styled to look like Bergdorf Goodman in NYC, where Bobbi opened her first makeup counter selling 10 shades of lipstick. (They sold a month's supply within a single day, and the rest is history.)

Inside there are a handful of their most iconic products - a Skin Foundation Stick, lipstick (but of course), gel liner,  Shimmer Brick, and that most covetable of all things; a 40-shade Nude Library palette that pulls together eight of Bobbi Brown's best selling 5-shade nude eye palettes over the years.

The palette reminds me of the University foundation palettes, where you have a divider separating two sections of shadows which are grouped exactly as they were in their original palettes. Nude on Nude, Navy on Nude, Desert Twilight, etc. If you ever fell in love with one of these in the past and ran out, or would just love to own all of them, this is where you can have them all in one place.

Urban Mermaid - Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long-wear Liquid Eyeliner Demo

Urban Decay is launching 20 shades of colored liquid liners, which will replace the existing 24/7 range. And they are great fun for color lovers, especially if you like experimenting with different graphic liner looks.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp Long-wear Liquid Eyeliners in Street (deep matte teal) and Deep End (bright metallic teal)
I do need to check if those ultra-fine, short brush tips really give better control (and razor sharp flicks) so I put these to the test.

I decided to play with two teals in the range today - Street, a dark blackened non-shimmery teal, and a paler, brighter metallic teal blue shade, Deep End. The challenge was to not only do a double-winged look but to do ultra-fine lining.

What I did was apply the dark color first to the outer corners, extending into a low medium-length wing, at a low angle. Then I applied the metallic bright teal like a regular winged flick from inner corners out to a curved, upward-point.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Urban Decay Moondust - a sparkly obsession

I must admit when I first saw a visual of the new Urban Decay Moondust palette online my heart started going a hundred miles a minute. Sparkle - yass!
If you're like me you'll be happy to know that I personally think they rock.

Urban Decay Moondust palette contains all-new shades in their Moondust formulation, a silicone-based glitter shadow formula made up of synthetic mica, similar to sparkly shadow overcoats you find from brands like Tom Ford and Shu Uemura.

Urban Decay Moondust palette swatches
The typical way to wear these is to layer them over other shadows as a glittery topcoat for your lids. On their own, they can look like a sheer wash of sparkle, or when they are pale, like gleaming "wet" lids. You apply them with fingers - this is important - not a brush. Because the formula is made to cling to skin, not bristles.

That is - until you wet them.

This is orgasmic.

They look like foiled shadows or stuff you might find from Colourpop. Mucho intensity.

So I decided to apply them all damp for the most intense effect, because I want to do a look using nothing but Moondust shadows. I didn't want to layer them over other shadows or you wouldn't be able to see how they really look.

Can we say BLING?!
If you plan to use them in a more subtle way, just dab on with a finger. These shadows are formulated with silicone in the base, and designed to stick to skin, not brushes, when dry. So don’t complain about there being no pigmentation if you try to dust them on with a dry brush. Damp, these are incredible foiled shades with plenty of duochromatic magic. Every shade has a different color shift when it hits the light. Click each image to expand or right click and “open image in new tab” to see everything in higher res.

Do expect plenty of sparkly fallout though. More than if you rubbed these on with a finger, ironically. So do your foundation AFTER you do your eye makeup. I don't think it's a big deal though.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Clio Kill Cover Stamping Foundation SPF50+ PA+++

I've discovered a strange new love for stamping sponges (they are SO good with cushion foundations and BBs), so when I walked past the Clio display at the drugstore the other day I HAD to pick up a Clio Kill Cover Stamping Foundation kit.

Now this costs $39.90 which is not cheap for a drugstore foundation. But it does come with a sponge, a sponge case, and the foundation itself. So I thought - ok one of the most affordable cushions around is Innisfree's, and that adds up to $12 for the case, $19 for the foundation, and $8 for the stamping sponge. $39. Pretty much the same. Also you get 17g of foundation, and the Innisfree sachets only contain 14g.

So technically it's not too bad. Right?

Then I thought - well I can replace the Innisfree foundation refill for $19, and buy a new sponge for $8. I also get to choose from 100 cute designs when I buy an Innisfree case. With the Clio, you need to repurchase the entire kit for $39.90 whether you need new sponges and new case or not.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Innisfree has changed the entire cushion game for me

Popular Korean brand Innisfree has revamped their cushion foundation offering by updating their formulas, as well as changing up the whole portable compact foundation game by adding new cosmetic as well as functional spins on things.

Firstly, they realize that cushion compacts are things many people bring out for touch-ups, so you can now choose from a whopping 100 case designs to match every mood and outfit. And believe me, I thought that was a bit gimmicky at first, but when you look at all the cases, you can't help cooing at all the adorable designs and color options.

These have just been rolled out island-wide in Singapore, but only the flagship stores (Ngee Ann City and Vivocity) will carry all 100 designs. All other stores will carry a standard set of 40 shown on the two tilted racks below this paragraph.

 If you want the less common offerings, you'll need to stop by the flagship stores. (There is a white and blue chevron ombre case which I'm dying to get my hands on... They didn't have any stock at the press event last night so I couldn't take one home with me. See the top left of the image below.)

Technically I don't ever touch up liquid bases outside so my cases are probably never going to make it out of the house except when I travel. Ultimately though, it's just a bit of welcome fun and I expect most people would find at least a few that they really like.

I mean - come on! These are too cute.

Secondly, Innisfree is also changing up their formulations based on customer demand, which is fantastic.

Water Fit Cushion is the updated hydrating cushion, and to fit the preferences and lifestyles of customers, they've made the formula more lightweight so it nourishes but doesn't leave a tacky, greasy film on the skin. I have somewhat dry skin but even I can't wear formulas that are too moist because they just move around in our weather. 

Next is the Long Wear Cover Cushion, which is my favorite. I've used the original Long Wear formula when Innisfree first launched in Singapore and I did talk about it a couple of times on Dayre as being a nice lightweight cushion which gives a glow but does not slide right off or feel greasy on the skin in our tropical heat. Now though, Innisfree has updated the formula to provide a lot more coverage because many customers who need a formula for oily skin also want skin-perfecting coverage. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Cream Foundation and Translucent Powder

Cle de Peau is known for luxe, high-quality skincare and makeup that is understated but ultra-luxurious, fool-proof and flattering. And if you're like me, skincare and base products (foundation, concealer, etc) are categories where I usually want reliable performance on my temperamental, slightly sensitive skin, and prefer not to skimp.

So whenever Cle de Peau Beaute (CPB for short) launches a new foundation or base product, it's usually a reason for me to sit up and take note. I already use and like their Radiant Fluid Foundation and love the classic Concealer stick, so when they updated their cream foundation formula I was totally on board to try it out.

Compared to the liquid, the Radiant Cream Foundation (SGD$180) is obviously a thicker fluffier creamy texture. However it doesn't go on heavy. What surprised me was how it just smoothed out like skincare. Do be careful how much you use though. I found out the hard way that I really need a lot less than I thought because the coverage is pretty high.

For today's look, I literally did not use concealer, and just patted a little bit of extra foundation on after translucent powder (I'll explain why later) to hide my dark circles, redness, uneven skintone, etc.

The texture is very plush and nourishing. Not slippery and greasy, but definitely with a glow which I love. The only issue to this, is that if you are going to be out in the heat you will definitely need a setting spray and some powder in sweat-prone areas or it will slide around if you touch your face. Even for normal to slightly dry skin, you probably want to give it 15-20 minutes to sit and set before you venture out anywhere that will make you sweat or grease up.