Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The new SHU UEMURA Anti/Oxi+ Skin Purifier is here!

Shu Uemura has upgraded its original deep-cleansing, anti-pollution Anti/Oxi oil with a newer, more thorough formulation (450ml at SG$125, 150ml at $55).

Anti/Oxi+ contains ingredients like 
  • pollution-clearing moringa seed
  • antioxidant green tea
  • papaya protease for gentle enzymatic removal of pore-clogging dead cells
This new oil cleans the skin and removes makeup in one step, just like all the other Shu Uemura Skin Purifiers, but it also clears microscopic particles of pollution that can penetrate the skin. While we can't do anything about the yearly haze from irresponsible forest-clearing practices in the region (short of migrating), you can try to mitigate some of the havoc it wreaks on your skin. 

Anti/Oxi+ is designed to be able to clear 91% of particles from the skin, even those as small as PM2.5, which is a fraction of the width of a hair strand. Even without the haze, our skin is subjected to daily pollutants in the city, which can affect its radiance and tone.

A few more interesting facts about this oil?
  • It has a newer molecular structure which allows it to be used with wet hands and dry hands
  • It is meant to be eyelash-extension friendly. (I'm not wearing lash extensions so I can't verify that, but it's still rare to find oils that can be used in typically oil-unfriendly situations.)
  • It does not contain mineral oil.
It's rare to find oils that can be used in typically oil-unfriendly situations, so this allows those of you who have typically avoided cleansing oils because of other products in your cleansing routine to fit this in easily.

I can use it as makeup remover, general face cleanser, and also a skin purifying massage oil in one step, and I can use a water-based cleanser to remove eye makeup from my sensitive waterline first, then apply this over my face for a proper cleanse, without worrying about the residual moisture on my eye area.

And just like its predecessors, it removes stubborn waterproof foundations, waxy concealers, and lipsticks in a few gentle rubs.

I've been using Shu's Skin Purifier oils for about 14 years now - since I was in school, and my skin has gone through the whole spectrum of conditions from oily and blemished, to combination, to normal, to dry and sensitive. And now as I’m getting older I’m dealing with more dullness and hyperpigmentation. At every point, there was one formula that I could use.

They are the real pioneer in terms of emulsifying oil cleansers and I have to credit Shu Uemura for opening my eyes and overcoming my resistance to putting oil on my face. After all, oil is the best thing to break down oil, and a good effective oil cleanser made with high-grade oils can clear out oily, waxy residue better than any water-based cleanser. I’ve switched to a couple of cheaper oils on occasion and found they just don’t emulsify and rinse away as easily with water.

Some Usage Tips:
  • The recommended way to use Shu Uemura cleansing oils is as a one-step cleanse to remove makeup and purify the skin, before slowly emulsifying and rinsing everything away with water. This is gentle on the skin and does not strip away too much moisture.
  • But if you can’t get used to using a single cleansing step cleansing my tip is to follow with a wet, hot muslin cloth or face towel for a gentle warming wipe (in a downwards motion) to remove any possible residue and give your skin a final polish. In my experience, this is much more effective at removing any remaining traces compared to typical foam cleansers, and less likely to over-dry your skin surface.
  • I do use Shu Uemura oils to deep-cleanse my cushion compact puffs. I soak up a pump with the sponge and press-press-press to allow the oil to penetrate and break down the makeup. Then I add a little bit of water, massage, a bit more water, massage, until I do a final rinse with a little gentle facial soap. It’s the fastest and most thorough way to remove most icky beige stains, and no – it does not leave my puff greasy at all.

If you're curious to try it yourself or find out more about the new Anti/Oxi+ oil, or any of the other skin purifiers in Shu's stable, visit to take a look and sign up for a sample!


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