Friday, December 29, 2017

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Inks and Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter

It might be old news in some parts of the world, but Maybelline's Super Stay Matte Inks (S$17.90) and the much-buzzed-about Master Chrome Metallic Highlighter in shade 100 Molten Gold ($19.90) are finally in Singapore.

There are 10 shades of the Super Stay Matte Ink range available locally, and these pretty much cover the spectrum from a pale beige nude to brights to darks. In fact, I would say only 1 or 2 of the shades can be considered "safe" colors and the rest are actually pretty dramatic depending on your skin tone.


The Super Stay Matte Inks have a slightly thicker, tackier texture going on. Almost a sticky gel consistency as you spread it out and let it set, which may make it slightly challenging to get a perfectly even application in one single coat. It takes 30 seconds to fully set, so don't start smearing your lips around or rubbing it on things too early.

The softer colors are much more forgiving and easy to apply perfectly, compared to the dark ones, which can require 2 coats to look fully opaque. The good news is these do layer quite nicely without going all wrinkly, thick and crackly although I wouldn't advise applying too much product on your second coating.


My 3 favorites in the line are:

15 Lover - this rosy mauve-beige is the only real "safe" color in the line. It's that flattering deep rosy mauve with a tint of brown that's very Kylie Jenner. More Twig and Mehr than Velvet Teddy.

20 Pioneer - classic cherry red with a slight blue undertone. This is a glam, gorgeous red that stays pretty true even on deeper skin tones. Quickest way to make a statement when you don't have a lot of time to spend on your makeup.

50 Voyager - a deep vampy blood-red shade. This isn't opaque in a single coat but I don't mind layering because I love that beautiful matte "rose petal effect" on the lip. And when you wear this type of dramatic color, you do not want anything to be smearing or bleeding.

Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink swatches
Just for comparison, a single coat of 15 Lover looks perfect because it's somewhat close to the natural lip color. With a deeper grape shade like 40 Believer, you might want to locate a matching lip pencil just to even out the borders where the applicator can thin out the product and make it less even.

I do want to also point out that often, the shades dry with an almost satin sheen to them, which I don't mind! The sheen disappears in about 20-30 mins anyway, or when you press your lips together. But it's probably because of the gel-like texture of the formula. 

Wear and feel

These are supposed to last up to 16 hours, without bleeding or smudging (unless you smear your mouth all over a 4-cheese pizza slize). I don't really expect ANY lipstick to stay on that long and still look good so I didn't wear these for 16 hours. But they do survive pretty well through drinking, talking, and eating when you are "dainty" with your food.

They did not suck every bit of moisture from my lips, or make lines look more obvious the way many matte liquids do. There's a slight tackiness that remains after dry-down but I feel this is because the formula remains "rubbery" and stretches/moves with your skin instead of cracking. A huge plus in my book. It's also not so tacky that the lipstick peels off your lips when you press your mouth together. 

One of the shades (25 Heroine, the orange) did pill up slightly along my wet line where lips meet, so I had little "chunks" of product caking up and accumulating there. But it didn't seem to happen with the other shades.

The colors do deepen up slightly upon dry-down but they don't change shades dramatically the way some brands' do, and the colors also didn't go grey/brown on my lips over time.


I will say I do enjoy the range and how surprisingly non-drying and flexible the formula remained over the day. Aside from having to spend a little time layering or evening out some of the colors, these are comfortable enough that I can see myself reaching for them for all-day wear. 

I think it's definitely worth checking out.


Now Master Chrome by FaceStudio has been making its rounds through the Youtube beauty community like wild fire ever since it launched, but it's not hit Asia until now.

It belongs in the same golden-champagne family as other popular shades such as Becca Champagne Pop and MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Fusion Highlighter 02, but it's a touch deeper with a yellow-bronze undertone. This makes it harder to pull off if you have pale to light skin, as it might leave a bronze streak on your cheek.

I swatched the shades lightly to better mimic how they look on the cheekbones, but Master Chrome can be worn intensely as well. In fact, it doubles nicely as an eyelid shade because the formula is quite soft and creamy, and comes off more of a pretty, bright, melon-gold when you apply it opaque.

I would avoid using too much pressure on the pan because the product is very soft. I imagine if you drop this even a short distance, it would most definitely not survive the impact.

You can dust the excess off, but you'd also run through your pan very quickly for nothing. You get 6.7g in each pan (standard highlight sizes like Becca's contain 8g), which is less than you might think given how soft the formula is and how easy it is to kick up and waste excess product.

Then again, the fact that there's an affordable, intense highlighter in the drugstore means you can go ham on it if you want!

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