Thursday, September 3, 2020

Laneige Neo Cushions: Glow + Matte 8Hr Try-On and Review! (23N)

So much hype around these irresistibly-gorgeous new Airpod-like LANEIGE Neo Cushion foundations (designed by famed ex-Samsung creative director Yeongkyu Yoo) - but do they live up to it?

I'm - spoiler - happy to report that I do like both the Neo Cushion Glow and Neo Cushion Matte (S$62 for a case and 2 refills), and find them to be a significant upgrade from the original BB Cushion Whitening and BB Cushion Pore Control cushions.

Neo Cushion Glow for Dull/Dehydrated Skins (Neo Pink case) 
Neo Cushion Glow is a medium-coverage, niacinamide-containing hydrating cushion with a soft glow created by special light-reflective micropigments (not grease), SPF50+ PA+++. The formula is meant to resist oxidation, and I got feedback from a couple of viewers who said they had to buy theirs one shade deeper in the new formula because of this.
I did not find this to be great for touch-ups or layering if you've already powdered to set, as the moisture in the formula has a tendency to make the powdered layers cake up and lift off the skin, thereby removing some coverage even as you try to touch up. 
Otherwise, this lasted surprisingly well and looks fresh and beautiful on normal/dry combi skin, even in humid Singapore, wearing a mask out in the afternoon.
Neo Cushion Matte for Oily/Combi skins (Neo Mint case)

 Neo Cushion Matte is a medium-high buildable semi-matte formula with an interesting almost "liquid-to-powder" finish because of the matte, oil-absorbent powders in the formula. Unlike other "matte" cushions from Korean brands, this actually looks and feels more matte, and has amazing coverage.

Matte as it is, this still promises up to 8 hours of light hydration so it felt fine on my drier areas in tropical humidity. 
The best thing about this is it's ability to layer up on top of itself, even if you have a little powder on already. The formula blends on and melds with the older layer without dissolving or caking it up, making it perfect if you want high coverage and a soft suede-like feel on the skin.

I tested both formulas in shade 23N but did find the Glow formula to be a little paler looking than the equivalent Matte shade, so you may want to double-check in store or go one shade up for the Glow.

As for comparisons with the older formula, I find both the Neo cushions to set and adhere better to the skin, making them also easier to build up for more coverage. The older BB cushions had a tendency to not set fully in warm humid Singapore, and also came off easier with light sweating.

Shade wise, Neo Matte is fairly close to the Pore Control Cushion while Neo Glow will come off paler than the equivalent BB Cushion Whitening as the old formulas had a tendency to oxidize significantly and look deeper over time. The new one doesn't, so I'd advise getting a shade that really matches your skin.

These are now available in Singapore in 8 shades, ranging from very pale to a soft tan. Unfortunately deeper skin tones are again under-catered to even though LANEIGE has a slightly bigger selection than most other Korean brands. 

If you're able to find a shade though, do look out for launch deals where you can turn in an old cushion case for 10% off a Neo Cushion!

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