Saturday, June 1, 2013

MAC Temperature Rising Haul (My Recommendations)

I actually wasn't interested in the Temperature Rising collection when I saw the publicity images and the product images online. 

Then when I happened to pass by a MAC counter during lunch the other day, the new display was out, and go seduced by the incredibly gorgeous dark rubberized metallic casing, so I decided to swatch a little, and fell in love with these 2 products. 

1. Eyeshadow Quad in Bare My Soul 


This was actually the more "boring-looking" of the 2 quads in the collection (the other is a bunch of plum/violet tones), but once I swatched them I realized all the shades in Bare My Soul were very dimensional, extremely wearable and very pigmented compared to the other palette.

Romantico (Veluxe Pearl): Soft medium taupe brown for those who find Satin Taupe too smoky or plum-toned.

Bare My Soul (Lustre): Bronze-toned yellow-gold that goes on better than most other Lustre shadows, but you WILL get a bit more fall-out with this due to the larger size of the particles. (Do not swatch with fingers as transferred oils will ruin this shadow.)

Friendly (Veluxe Pearl): Deep smoky chocolate brown with a soft sheen. Instant smoky-eye color for all skintones.

When in Rio (Frost): Deep dark venom-green on a black-brown base.This gorgeous duochrome shade is the main reason I caved and got the palette. It's like the elusive and oh-so-hard-to-find Green Brown pigment had a baby that converted to the dark side.

2. Dazzle Lipstick in Caliente

I'm one of the few people in the world who doesn't really like Dazzleglasses. You get so little for your money, and no matter how pretty they look in the tube, most of them just look like a regular translucent gloss on the lip.
Imagine packing all those glittery flecks of multi-colored mica into a tube of lipstick. Caliente looks brown in the tube, but goes on a glossy raisin-tone because the entire lipstick is made up of bronze and pink sparks suspended in a dark brown. It's almost like one of those glitter lipsticks, but made with expensive Reflects glitter pigments rather than chunky glitter.

I picked Caliente over the other beige-toned Dazzle Lipstick in the collection because it was just more interesting to me.
Tip: You can wear just a touch on your lips and top with clear gloss to convert it into a Dazzleglass. 2 for 1!


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