Thursday, February 27, 2014

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette and Sweetheart Blushes in Peach Beach and Something About Berry!

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette and Sweetheart blush in Peach Beach

Swatches swatches swatches!
Received a gift card from a very lovely lady and picked out a few gorgeous things at Sephora the other day.
Too Faced has just brought out its new makeup products, and these 3 are what I consider the Must Check Outs.

Chocolate Bar palette (SGD$69)
This neutral palette is formulated with real cocoa powder, so it does actually live up to its name in more than just appearance. The colors are pretty intense but a beautiful blend of soft pink/lavender tones, and warmer browns.

I have to say the mattes are slightly chalky, so they work better as definer shades along the lashes or in the socket, rather than as a main color over the majority of the lid. The metallics, in true Too Faced fashion, are absolutely jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette Row 1

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette Row 2

Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow palette Row 3

If you find the NARSissist palette too smoky and dark, and the Naked 3 a little too metallic and pink/pale, this is somewhere right between those 2, with an extra pop of lavender for some fun.

Sweetheart Blushes in Peach Beach and Something About Berry (SGD$39)

I loved the first Sweetheart Blush trio Too Faced brought out last year and still regret I didn’t get one. It was a gorgeous blend of sweet blossomy-pinks.

Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes (2014) 

This year though, there are 2 new shades fill the gap! And besides getting 5.5g of product, you can use each of the 3 strips on their own for a slightly different color, or swirl them all for a 4th shade.

Peach Beach is a bronzy-pinky-peach which is a GORGEOUS alternative to NARS Orgasm (not as sparkly or red) and Deep Throat (more intense than Deep Throat). It’s lovely as a shimmery peach blush on pale to medium skins, and also works as a warm highlighter on tan to dark skins.

Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes (2014) swatches
Something About Berry is a hot raspberry pink shimmer. Lovely on tan to darker skins because it’s translucent but has enough rich intensity to give a beautiful flush. On medium to light skins it can be a bit too much, so use a light hand. It’s a look though, if you like dramatic pink cheeks.


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