Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Body Shop Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes and Matte Kajals

The Body Shop has launched some products that I was quite excited to try.

First off, there are the Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes (SGD$34.90).
Many of us are fans of the original Honey Bronze Bronzers, myself included, so I was quite interested when I heard about the new "domes".

These are easy-to-use cream products that you can swipe on and blend out in a minute. No brushes needed. The product itself is castor oil based, but it strangely feels like one of those new NARS multiples that I can't quite call "cream to powder" because they aren't powdery/matte, but rather, set to a non-greasy lightweight silicone-y finish on the skin.

There are 3 shades available; 01 is a soft champagne, 02 a coral pink with a gold sheen, and 03 a soft tawny bronze.

My fave is a tie between 01 and 02. I love dewy sheen on the cheekbones, so I always like fine-grained champagne shades that don't look overly sparkly and glittery. And 02 can pass for a NARS Orgasm Multiple, but in a drier formula, and with less of that yellow-gold sheen, so it's actually a bit easier to wear and more flattering if you don't want to emphasize large pores. These are translucent and buildable enough that they would look good on most skins, but I think the blush would look a bit more like a warm highlight on darker skins.

It's quite sheer and doesn't really build up to high intensity, so a soft tint is what you're going to get.

The second product launched are the Matte Kajals ($22.90), which are a reformulation of the original kajals, and designed to give creamier, more intense payoff using black rose extract and fair trade marula oil. And they do go on opaque and smooth. Like any kajal, these are meant to be smudgy and smooth for applying on the waterline and as bases for smoky looks, and aren't designed to be bullet-proof liners, so make sure you keep that in mind.

And like all kajals, they are safe for the waterline and for contact lens wearers or those with sensitive eyes.

My only gripe regarding these kajals is there is only 0.8g of product per tube. What you see exposed at the top of the package is exactly the amount of product you get. There is nothing hidden inside that you can twist up.

It's not a whole lot considering kajals are soft and tend to get used up quite easily, so if you are on a tight budget, these might not be the best option compared to other lipstick-style kajals available, although these do go on smoother than many other drugstore options I've tried.

And packaging-wise, for both the kajals AND the domes, you have to be rather careful when uncapping and recapping them, because you can easily smoosh the product (or decapitate your kajals) with the cap if you're not careful. They can't be retracted.

Aside from these points though, these new products are well worth checking out. I especially recommend the Honey Bronze Highlighting Domes if you like non-greasy cream cheek products.



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