Sunday, September 6, 2015

Dior Addict Lipstick Fall Relaunch Review and 4 "It" Shade Swatches

Dior is relaunching its Dior Addict Lipstick range this year, and besides a new "Hydra-Gel" Topcoat to help seal in color for longer, and a Triple Oil Complex at the core (where the "CD" logo runs down through the entire lipstick) to smooth and plump lips, they've also updated the colors to fit current fashion trends, and also increase shine.

These are translucent balm-like hybrid lipsticks with a variation in cream, shimmer, and pearl finishes. While they certainly do last longer than old-school tinted balms from 5-10 years ago, these are still creamy sheer lipsticks that will come off on cups, tissue, and someone's cheek quite easily. Balms will be balms, so let's not harbor any unrealistic expectations. 

On the other hand they are very comfortable to wear. Some of the sparkly shimmer formulas may feel just a touch more gritty on the lips than the creme and pearl formulas but they are in no way rough or uncomfortable on the lips. I actually did not find these as glossy as I had expected given the description of the Triple Oil Complex and the promise of shine. They do take on a bit of sheen as the soft hydrating formula warms up on your lips, but these are not ultra-glossy by any stretch.

Color-wise, as with many sheer balmy shades, many of the soft colors will look pretty similar to one another so you would have to go with some of the brighter or deeper shades if you want color impact. There is almost no point owning more than 1 or 2 of the soft pinky/nude shades at a time. Also, if you have pigmented or dark lips, some of the paler shades can look ashy and patchy, so I would again go with the deeper options.

By now you might be thinking I actually dislike the product. Not so!
I do love a good balmy tinted product that I can throw in my purse and whip out without a mirror for a touch of color without having to worry about making a mess. And these do feel really nice on the lips. Not patchy, sticky or oily. 

Dior is featuring 4 shimmery, pearlescent "It" shades this season, and the one that immediately caught my eye was Be Dior, the raspberry fuchsia. It  might look dark and scary in the tube for some of you, but remember these are sheer. You will see in the swatches below that it will just look like a nice berry stain on the lips.

553 Smile - nude pink creme; brightens and evens out the lips slightly
451 Tribale - soft coral pearl; nice and flattering with slightly buildable color
561 Wonderful - petal pink shimmer; the most sparkly of the 4 "It" shades
976 Be Dior - raspberry shimmer; flattering rosy berry with subtle sparkle

My favorite shades from the 4 are probably 451 Tribale and 976 Be Dior (UPDATE: yes, this is the shade Jennifer Lawrence wears in the Shine, Don't Be Shy ad; it's a beautiful color, although the actual shade is not quite as violet as it sometimes appears on screen), although 553 Smile is a versatile "throw in your bag" nude-pink that you can just throw on as a balm anytime. 561 Wonderful is pretty if you like a sparkly baby pink, but I personally don't go for this type of shade too often as they make my lips look a little grey. If you have a lot of natural pink/red in your lips (as opposed to no pigments or brown pigments), this would be pretty for softening the color and adding a spun sugar effect.

All in all, it's still a great range of casual, fashionable colors to throw on for those who want soft color but don't like the stickiness of gloss or the feel of heavier lipsticks. I would compare these to the YSL Rouge Volupté Shine range in terms of the payoff and finish although the YSLs are a bit more glossy in finish, and these come in a lot more shimmery pearlescent shades. I'm still a die-hard Diorific Lipstick fan (I just love the intensity and drama), but I do always keep an "easygoing" product in my purse for occasions when my lips are feeling ragged and I can't deal with the maintenance of a strong lip.

Dior Addict lipsticks retail at SGD$48 at all Dior beauty counters from 1 Sep 2015.


  1. Hi Candice! Would you happen to know what lipstick shade Jennifer Lawrence was wearing on the "shine don't be shy" video?😊

    1. Hey Cristina, it's their "it" shade for the season, 976 Be Dior! It's more of a raspberry pink and not quite as violet as it appears some times in the ad but they've done a lot of editing (and probably layered the shade with something else) to bring out the intensity on screen. I daresay if you rub a light layer of purply lip liner or lipstick beneath and Be Dior over it, you would get that same color.

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