Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Pro Yellow Laser - A Safer Way to Remove Freckles, Pigmentation and Redness for Asian Skin?

The QuadraStar Pro Yellow Laser is considered by many to be one of the latest and best ways to treat surface pigmentation as well as vascular (vein) lesions. Basically those thing that detract from a glowing, even-toned complexion. Dark marks, uneven tones, flushed areas from rosacea, redness and purple marks from broken or dilated capillaries.

Add the ability to kill acne bacteria, regulate oil glands, and subtly firm skin… and heck yeah - I’m in for a trial. In fact I think this might be THE thing to have before your big day or any special occasion.

I only have mild pigmentation issues more associated with sun exposure and lack of thorough sun protection in my younger years. Not bad enough to be called full-blown melasma or noticeable freckles, but enough that I need concealer to even it out even with all the years of thorough skincare I’ve been throwing at my face.
(Those hours tanning at the beach will cost ya…)
Of course, not all lasers are built equal. Traditional 532nm laser doesn't penetrate deep enough to tackle root causes and has even been known to actually make things worse for some Asian skins. Naturally I was reluctant to go near most lasers because I still have vivid memories of my aunts and mom coming home with red, raw, painful skin after trying to remove melasma, only to have it all come back and look even worse a few months later. Talk about a vicious cycle.
Yellow laser is different in that it is gentler (much less painful and does not burn the way old laser treatments did), and penetrates deeper into the dermis so it can actually take care of problems more effectively and stave off recurrence a bit better.
Last week, I stopped by Mizu Aesthetic Clinic to try a session with leading local practitioner Dr. YZ Tan, and I’ve got a post sharing my own experience on Dayre (whether it’s painful, how much it costs, etc) for those who are curious to find out more. It's only been a few days but I am already very happy with the way some some freckles literally rubbed right off my skin when my cells shed the day or two after treatment.


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