Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Full Face First Impressions - New Makeup Products! (Mamonde, Hourglass, HERA, and Cle de Peau)

Get ready with me using mostly beauty products I've never tried before! Did a simple warm gold and khaki cat eye with hot orange lips, featuring the brand new Cle de Peau Beaute Radiant Cushion Foundation and Radiant Corrector Pen. The cushion was very brightening and has a lightish-medium coverage with a dewy glow. You'll see in the video that I kept expecting this to smear off after 3 hours. It actually lasted for 10 hours until I took it off. It did set to a slightly deeper shade an hour after application so if you are between shades get the lighter, but it doesn't go drastically orange. Granted it had the help of a good primer (Mamonde's Aqua Glow Ball Base 02, which contains real gold like those pricey Guerlain and YSL primers...) and Too Faced Peach Perfect powder. But still, it did stay surprisingly nice-looking all day. It doesn't control oil though, and areas I didn't powder felt a tiny bit tacky through the day although nothing transferred noticeably onto my fingers when touched. I did update on IG Story that after 6 hours or so, I blotted to remove some shine but the foundation didn't break down underneath. Still wouldn't suggest this for oilier skins regardless.
The other star of the day was Hourglass Caution Extreme Mascara. This promises 400% thicker lashes in one stroke. I don't know about 400% but it DOES give very instant impact and quite dramatic lashes. I personally prefer cleaner more liquid formulas that don't cause any clumps so while I appreciate the immediate drama and find this pretty impressive, it's still not the type of mascara I would wear daily. I spent a few moments with a spoolie brush removing slight clumpiness from the tips of lashes. Lastly, I'm IN LOVE with Mamonde's Highlight Lip Tint Matte formula. I applied a flaming orange-red today called No.2 Flatter Me, and was left wondering HOW they do it again and again. They have matte tint balms that look like opaque matte lipsticks but feel velvety and balmy, and now they have a liquid lipstick that dries texture-less but with intense color, a transfer-proof non-cracking finish, and comfortable non-drying feel. If it were up to me, all liquid lipsticks should be formulated like this.

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