Sunday, September 2, 2018

Maybelline Total Temptation Shadow + Highlight Palette and Mascara

Maybelline just released their Total Temptation Shadow + Highlight palette along with Total Temptation Mascara this weekend. Retailing at a reasonable S$26.90 for the palette and $21.90 for both waterproof and regular mascaras, I wanted to try them out on camera to see if these were as value-for-money as they seemed.

The palette contains a warm half with 4 shadows and a highlighter, and a cooler half with the same. No reason you can't mix and match, but I just wanted to see how they'd look separately.

I'll just say I like the palette, and I love the mascara (non-waterproof formula).
The palette's formula is velvety and amazing - very good quality and the colors are gorgeous.
However, I would say the shades could do with a bit more contrast, as shade 2 and 3 in the warm side don't look obviously different side by side on the eye. The darkest brown in the warm side is also not especially deep or pigmented, so if you have tan to deep skin, it will likely not really show up well. Of course, you can mix the brown and black to get a deeper tone and there's no reason to stick with just one side of the palette like I did. 
The cool side has more contrast between shades, but the metallic/sparkly lavender shade isn't as pigmented as the rest, and works best applied with a damp brush. That was a slight disappointment because it's the metallic shade that can make a look pop.
As for the mascara, I will definitely be repurchasing this after it runs out. I love how fast it bulks up my sparse lashes and seems to coat every strand and emphasize it without creating clumps or giving uneven coverage.  
Definite A+, and I haven't been all that impressed by a drugstore mascara for awhile. (I do like 3INA Ultra Curl but that's not technically "drugstore" even though it's affordable.)

Have you guys tried these new Maybelline Total Temptation products and what do you think of them?


  1. Love the two looks you created! I have an unopened tube of that mascara I need to give a try. Maybelline makes the best drugstore mascara and lip sticks. The eye shadow palette isn't pigmented enough for my med-deep golden complexion.Great review!!

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