Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Amber-Tan Lids

Summer's over, but your honey tan doesn't have to fade. Not on your lids anyway.

If you want to wear a stronger eye, but are unsure or a little wary of really loud or dramatic colors, then there is just one shade that you need to invest in. A warm, honey-gold tan with a bit of coppery heat.

Not only does it look great on the eyes, but you can also wear it as highlighter, mixed in with lipgloss, and even as a bronzer if you're very fair.

MAC Tan Pigment
 The quintessential golden-tan tone in my books is MAC's Tan Pigment. The deeper skinned you are, the more pink you can lean. If you're really pale, I suggest a more straw-gold tone like MAC Retrospeck, as copper bases can make your eyes look swollen if you're not careful.

Swatches (L-to-R): 1 MAC Tan Pigment, 2 Coastal Scents Opal Tan Mica, 3 I Nuovi Topaz Dust, 4 I Nuovi Cosmo Shadow, 5 MAC Retrospeck, 6 Coastal Scents ME13 Hot Pot.
An all-round flattering and easy-to-wear color would be I Nuovi's Dust in Topaz (#3 above) which is a true honey-beige which is neither too yellow nor too pink. If you want a stronger and warmer eye, go for MAC Tan. Of course, if you like that shade but don't want to break the bank, just get a sample size of Coastal Scents' Opal Tan Mica, which is very similar to the MAC, although a tad cooler toned. 

MAC Tan Pigment packed over the lids, with black liquid liner and false lashes.
Of course, if you have a dark skin tone, you can probably wear ANY amber-tan shade. 


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