Saturday, March 3, 2012

Makeup for Girls with Glasses: Strong Pastels

Most times, girls with glasses think they should just skip eye makeup. Well actually, if you like, you can get away with a heck of a lot more eye makeup in the daytime than girls without glasses.

I'm doing a demo with the "worst" type of glasses. Big, black, plastic frames that mask a lot of your face. And just for fun, I'm doing a typically doll-like makeup with pastel pinks, blues and teals.

There are a few things you need to note when doing your eyes:
  1. Emphasize your lash line. The optical distortion from your lenses and the shadow your frames cast can really obscure your eyes, so make sure you darken your lash line if you want your eye makeup to be visible.
  2. You should go easy on your lashes. Don't confuse this with emphasizing your lash line (above). There is limited space between your glass lens and your eye, and for some people, glomming on a lot of mascara is just going to end up feeling uncomfortable when your lash tips keep pushing against your glasses when you blink.  Use a mascara that builds volme and thickness, but not too much length. And FORGET false lashes. There's no point.
I chose matte colors because the colors tend to show up a lot stronger than shimmer. However, you need to make sure you get pigmented mattes such as those from Make Up For Ever, or Urban Decay. I used Lime Crime's insanely pigmented Chinadoll palette for this look but if you are on a budget, the 88 Matte/Original palettes from various online stores like Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics contain similar shades as well. Just be prepared to spend more time on it, as chalkier palettes tend to take longer to build up to this intensity, and have quite a bit of fall-out.

Colorful eyes with glasses, and MAC Please Me on the lips.
View the full tutorial here!


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