Thursday, March 28, 2013

Popster: Fuchsia Lips with Warm, Romantic Neutral Eye (Good for Mono-Lids and Smaller Eyes

I call this look the "popster" because it's SUCH a common look among celebs and popstars both in the West and in the East. 

A warm, glamorous eye focusing on winged liner and sometimes false lashes, paired with electric fuchsia-pink lips.

This is a look that's especially good if you want to "enlarge" your eyes a little, because the lashes, the shadow AND the liner all create the illusion of bigger eyes.
You will need:
  • A brown cream shadow (I used Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream in #14; you can use a regular powder shadow if you want)
  • A soft bronze-beige shadow (I used The Body Shop's single shadow in #41; just look for something a little deeper than a beige)
  • A pale yellow matte pencil (NYX Yellow would work)
  • A black gel liner (or liquid liner if you want; I used Maybelline's black gel liner)
  • Black mascara
  • False lashes (I prefer soft fluttery, natural-looking ones like Ardell 122s for this sort of look because they are longest at the center, not the outer corners. You want to retain that very rounded, doll-like eye shape.)
Step 1: First apply the brown cream shadow to the entire lid. I used a cream because it lays down a nice, long-wearing base for the whole look. If you don't have a problem with eyeshadows creasing or fading, then a pressed shadow would work too.
Step 2: Black liner. Just apply it along the lash line, going from thin at the inner corners, to thick at the outer corners. Then extend into a slight wing following the angle of your lower lash line. Don't wing it out too far yet.
Step 3: The cheater's move for perfect, extended winged liner. Scrape the base of the short wing with your nail in a quick, firm stroke outwards at the same angle. 
VOILA; perfect razor-sharp wings. No expertise needed.
Step 4: For a bit of glow, and to lighten up the entire look, dust a little bronze-beige to the inner half of the lids on top of the darker brown. This opens up the eye and is an important step if you have close-set eyes.
Step 5: Run your matte yellow pencil along the lower lash line and apply a little mascara to the bottom lashes (if you want). This just emphasizes the roundness of the eye and exaggerates the slight doll-like effect.
Step 6: Finish with lashes. I used Ardell 122s and a dark lash glue. If you're using a white glue, make sure to go over the lash band with a little more black liner after it dries. 
On the Cheeks and Lips
I applied my trusty hot pink blush, NYX Pinky, and the popped on a coating of my new lip-love, Stila's Color Balm Lipstick in Betsey (below), a NEON fuchsia that's flattering on most skin-tones despite the scary-looking shade. 
Major rave for this product. It's designed like a lip butter but:
  • it feels better; it's very smooth and the gentle minty tingle feels lovely without being too much
  • it's very pigmented; not every shade in the line-up is this pigmented, so make sure you swatch them before you buy. This is one of the best shades because it goes on like a creamy lipstick and doesn't look patchy or streaky like some lip butters can.
Shopping note: If you're in Singapore, the only Sephora that stocks this (currently) is the Plaza Singapura branch and the last I checked they didn't have that many left.


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