Sunday, March 31, 2013

[Requested] Jade Thirlwell makeup in DNA makeup tutorial: Classic Neutral Glam Eyes and 3D Burgundy Lips)

Seems Jade Thirlwell's makeup in the DNA video is causing quite a stir.

Basic theme:
Now, the video has special lighting and some color editing so there's a noir sort of atmosphere, and the skin of all the girls looks a little sepia-toned and monochromatic. You won't see any blush on their faces. There's just matte, clean skin and a bit of matte contouring around the cheeks. Contrastingly, their hair and lip colors are processed to show up more visibly.
Each girl has a slightly different neutral glam eye, and "3D lips" done in different shades.

Jade Thirwell's Look:
Jade's lip was colored in deep berry tones to match that incredible burgundy hair. Her eye makeup is a slightly softer and more romantic than some of the smokier or cattier looks the other girls sport. There isn't any obvious contouring; just thick liner along the upper lash line.
I would say ANYONE can do this look, although the effect will be more dramatic if you are very pale, with dark hair.

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