Thursday, April 25, 2013

Majolica Majorca Chapter 37: Translucent Aquatic Colors, a "Swan Feather" Pen, and a Quick Trial-run of a Cult-Favorite Fiber Mascara (in Brown)!

From this month, Shiseido will release a (somewhat oddly-named) limited edition collection called "Moonlight Virgin" in 2 parts. The first includes a "quill pencil"and a brown version of the Lash Expander Edge Meister mascara with the dual-sided comb tip. Now since me and the original Lash Expander go WAY back (I used it exclusively for about 3-4 years) I naturally grabbed the chance to find out 2 things:
  • whether the mascara was as good at building length as I remembered
  • whether the brown shade would show up (and look alright) with my dark hair and eyes


This is the reason I always suggest sticking with Japanese brands when you are looking for a lengthening fiber mascara. As you can see, those 4mm-long nylon fibers ROCK at giving length. (Despite the brand's Lash King mascara having 5mm long fibers, I find Lash Expander Edge Meister better at giving dramatic length because the formula is wetter and the comb places the fibers on better.)
This is a quintessential fiber mascara though, and won't build volume that well, so if you have sparse lashes, this will only make them look longer, not significantly fuller.
I  think the brown color shows up well and doesn't look bad at all on its own, provided you wear light-colored eye makeup and brown liner instead of black. You would probably need to soften dark brows with a brown brow mascara so the whole look coordinates though. I like it, but I'd personally stick with the black version from now on.

This is budge-proof and rub-proof. I went for a jog with crazy-long wispy lashes on, and had no smears when I came back. I couldn't remove it with a micellar cleansing lotion that usually removes oil-based and waterproof makeup. Don't just use regular cleanser and keep rubbing. I tried, and it actually hurt. The mascara didn't come off.
The only thing that can take this off is an oil-based cleanser so do take note if you want to try it.

Other Tips for Wear?
1. Curl your lashes VERY well before applying. Comb-type fiber mascaras can add beautiful extensions onto your lashes, but if your lashes point straight out or down, the extensions will point in the same direction.
2. Typically, comb-wands and fiber-formulas don't build up very well. After 2 coats, they can clump and the fibers can start going helter-skelter and pointing in odd directions as they stick to each other. If you want to build it up, you can simply place a clean mascara wand on top of your lashes and rotate it outwards to comb out any clumpy bits and "reposition" the fibers so they point nicely upwards. But 2-3 coats is as far as I would go.

The "Swan Feather"
Next is the "Shiny Ray Liner", which looks like a white quill. (The feather cap is actually detachable so you can pop it on other eye pencils. I'm not entirely sure of the point other than that it will look real pretty sticking out of the brush holder on your vanity.)

Shiseido intends for the peachy-beige colored pen to be used not just as a liner and eye base, but also on the cupid's bow of the lip as highlighter. I was kinda afraid it would look weird (or worse, greasy) but it does blend out nicely on the skin. Just don't spread it too high or you'll look like you have a sweaty upper-lip.

To Buy:
The Brown Edge Meister mascara (S$25.90; 1200yen) and the Shiny Ray Liner ($22.90; 1300yen) launch in Watson's stores across Singapore today and are available on if you are outside Asia.
The rest of the collection (including a liquid highlighter, a fragrance spray, and the delectable aquatic-themed Humming Book II which I used above) will only be available in stores here mid-May. I'll post more details on those items in the near future!


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