Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lavender-Chocolate: Soft luminous purple andbrown eyeshadow look that goes with pretty much any Lip color

This is a color combination that is not a typical beige-toned neutral, but still goes with pretty much any lip color you want to wear. It's also soft enough that you can use a light hand (skip step 3) and just wear it in the day for work or school.
I used just 2 shadows:
  • A pale lavender (Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Ice Ballet)
  • A deep rich brown (Coastal Scents Hot Pot in Rich Walnut)
Other than this, I had a chocolate brown pencil and black mascara.

Step 1: Apply a dark brown under the socket line at the outer corner. It should form almost a trapezium shape, so be careful not to drag the color out too low at the ends.

Step 2: I applied a shimmery lavender to the remainder of the lid.
Step 3: For a little more oomph to the look, you can tap your brush into both the brown and the lavender for a smoky mixture and then run it along the socket line. If you're wearing this look for school or work, you can skip this step.
Step 4: To add some definition back tot he lash line, I applied a dark brown pencil just to the outer 1/2 of the eyes. It's not meant to be obvious or visible.
Step 5: Finish with black mascara!


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