Saturday, December 27, 2014

MAC Lightness of Being Collection

MAC Lightness of Being (2015)
MAC's 2015 Lightness of Being Collection will be the first collection to usher in the Spring season, and is inspired by the creator of the modern dance movement, Martha Graham. The line features soft, dreamy, spun-sugar Mineralize products embossed in woolen patterns. 

The powder textures - typical of mineral products - are highly shimmery and very translucent in texture. If you want to intensify these, you can dampen your brush slightly. Either way, get ready for a lot of sparkle. 

Lightness of Being Mineralize Eyeshadow Swatches: Force of Nature, Leap, and Uninhibited
I received 3 of the 6 shadows for review, a blush and a Mineralize Skin Finish powder. 

The re-releases include the 2 MSFs, Lightscapade and Perfect Topping. Lightscapade is available in the permanent collection, so of course I picked Perfect Topping for review. This slightly pink-hued champagne shade is beautiful as a cheek highlight, and not too ashy-pale for medium to tan golden based skins, as Lightscapade can be.

Mineralize Skin Finish in Perfect Topping, and Mineralize Blush in Please Yourself
The blushes including Please Yourself, swatched here, I'm not too fond off, simply because of the sparkle overload. If you pop this over your cheeks, it will emphasize enlarged pores and any skin irregularities. Sparkle is fine on the cheekbones, lids and lips, but not on the cheeks in my opinion.

MAC Perfect Topping and Please Yourself worn on the cheeks
I haven't had an opportunity to play with the Mineralize lipsticks but the Mineralize Glasses are as lightweight and comfortable to wear as usual. The colors are a little too soft to make much of a statement on their own, so they're better as "toppers" over other lip shades.

Lip swatch: MAC Mineralize Glass in Poetic


  1. What lipstick did you pair with the mineralize glass in poetic?

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