Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Collection Swatches

I'm going to try and keep my blogspot going because honestly - I'm tired of not being able to reply directly to comments on Tumblr.

So to mark my return to blogspot after a long hiatus, here are swatches of the Tom Ford Lips and Boys collection which launches Jan 2 in Singapore and will be on sale for just 8 weeks. Come March, these will no longer be available.

Displaying tf03.jpg
Tom Ford Lips & Boys boxed trio

Firstly, there are 50 shades in total, and these come in smaller "clutch-sized" tubes, like petite version of the regular lipsticks. So if you can't commit to a full-size at a full-prize, you might be able to indulge in 2 or 3 different shades of the Lips & Boys lipsticks.

I've marked out all shades by name, and included their original names (for the 14 re-releases).

Tom Ford Lips & Boys swatches part 1: browns, nudes, violets, bronzes/coppers, and warm beiges. My favorites here include Beau (formerly Blush Nude), Peter, William, Addison (formerly Pink Dusk).

All the lipsticks are named after a man Tom Ford knows, loves, or admires. The tongue-in-cheek idea being that we always want more than one - be it lipsticks or men.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys swatches Part 2: Pinks! My fave here is Cooper (Pure Pink). 

Tom Ford Lips & Boys swatches Part 3: I love a lot of the warm pinks and corals, but my absolute fave of the bunch are the reds. Adriano (True Coral), Rafael, Alejandro (Slander), Luciano, and Leonardo (Smoked Red) are my faves.

Tom Ford Lips & Boys Swatches Part 4: mauves and plums. I particularly love Collin (Indian Rose).

For purposes of review, I swatched all 50 shades (I was there for almost 2 hours), and picked out 3 of my faves to bring home.

Lemme tell ya, picking 3 was harder than swatching all 50. After hemming and hawing for a bit, I eventually picked out the below 3 shades as my personal must-haves.

Tom Ford Addison (Pink Dusk)

Tom Ford Cooper (Pure Pink)

Tom Ford Leonardo (Smoked Red)

I figure for a little capsule trio, I had to pick 3 shades that reflected different styles so I could get maximum versatility. Kittenish (Addison), Fun (Cooper), and Sultry (Leonardo).

What shades are your faves?


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