Sunday, December 28, 2014

Burberry Winter Glow Collection 2014

Burberry Beauty "Winter Glow" Collection 

There were a few beautiful pieces in Burberry Beauty's festive Winter Glow collection that really caught my eye, including the very pretty and odd taupe highlighting powder which I do not have here sadly.

I do have 4 other pieces that I love though. The entire collection features a lovely balance between antique golds, Burberry's soft signature taupe, and also sexy oxblood red.

Complete Eye Palette Gold No.25

Burberry Beauty Complete Eye Palette Gold No. 25 swatches

Here I applied a basic 4-shade eye look using Gold No.25 and a dark brown pencil.

I admit I hadn't been all that interested in the palette initially. (Looked like any other taupe-y bronze palette.) until I saw it demonstrated on a model. I'm telling you, if you have blue eyes... this would looks completely amazing. I don't, but I love it anyway!

Lip Mist Oxblood No.214
Lip Glow Gold No.25
Swatches: Lip Mist Oxblood No.214, Lip Glow Gold No.25
The collection features 2 Gold lip shades; a Lip Mist (sheer lipstick) and a Lip Glow (lipgloss). But my personal obsession is with the Oxblood shade obviously. The gold lipstick and gloss is pretty to look at in their tubes, but the gloss is just a translucent gloss with some subtle gold sparkles, and the taupe-gold lipstick won't necessarily flatter everyone.

Lip Mist in Oxblood No.214 on the other hand, looks brown in the tube, but goes on more berry-hued. It's semi-sheer but the color builds up beautifully to a jelly-like sheen. Almost like you applied gloss on top. One annoying problem I find with some of the Lip Mists though, is the softer consistency makes some of the lipsticks bend and smoosh against the insides of the tube when used. My particular tube of Oxblood did just that, which is an issue if you love the checks embossed on it.

Annoying barrel marks on the lipstick tube...

Nail Polish Oxblood No.303
 As for the two nail polishes in the collection, they are both opaque and one is a Burberry taupe shade with a slight gold sheen, and the other is the classic Oxblood shade No.303. Guess which one I like more?

Makeup look using Burberry Winter Glow collection
The lip shade really isn't as deep as it looks in the tube. On the lips, it looks like an opaque berry lipgloss. The sheen is absolutely gorgeous. I'd give it a 9/10 if not for the fact that the lipstick smooshed against the insides of the tube.

Have you checked out anything in the collection yet, and if so, which are your fave products?


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