Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Innisfree unveils new store at VivoCity and launches new home and body fragrance line

All-natural K-beauty brand Innisfree unveils their largest store in Singapore at VivoCity today, 1 July 2015, and will also launch their range of scented candles, diffusers and perfumed body water here.

Fans of natural home and body fragrances will have fun exploring the 2,450 square foot outlet and sniffing the fragrance range which includes:
  • 10 soy-coconut candles (150g, SGD$42)
  • 20 reed diffusers (100ml, $30)
  • 7 perfumed body waters (150ml, $26)

The hand-made soy and coconut wax candles aren't cheap compared to the typical large candles you can get from Yankee and Bath and Body Works, but these are 100% natural, phthalate-free, made without paraffin, and have soot-free wicks. The scents I've smelt so far are all quite subtle and fresh, and are great for smaller spaces. Plus they make gorgeous little gifts.

The available scents are:
Apricot Blossom
Champagne Supernova
Cherry Blossom
Green Jasmin
Jeju Camellia
Jeju Green Tea
Jeju Volcanic Ash
Risky Citrus
Sleep Well
I've yet to smell the full range, but right now my favorite is Jeju Volcanic Ash, which sounds odd but smells SO clean and fresh. I'm also curious about Apricot Blossom and Cherry Blossom.

The sleek, minimalist diffusers come in a whopping 20 scents that mimic the plants and outdoor scents of Jeju Island in Korea, and these are stronger than the candles in my experience. If you don't want to light candles at home, or you just want the convenience of reed diffusers, these are quite affordable.

The available scents are:
Berry Blossom
Cedar Wood
Cherry Blossom
Cotton Blossom
Daphne Blossom
Green Tea
Lotus Flower
Pure Soap
White Powder 

There are also 2 types of reeds available. Regular and Twig. My recommendation would be to get the twigs of course! They look SO beautiful and stylish against the clean, simplistic bottles. I also feel the twigs diffuse more scent than the regular reeds so you might want to use less sticks if you want a subtler scent.

As for the Perfumed Body Waters, these share the same simple packaging as the other fragrance products, and are similar to colognes or body splashes, except that unlike the typical Bath and Body Works or Victoria's Secret body washes, these are very fresh, crisp and much more natural-smelling.

The bottles are plastic (though they don't look cheap) which makes them more portable if you do happen to want to bring them around. And you will need to spray yourself a few times throughout the day to keep the scents going because these are not perfumes and don't last that long. But then that's why the 150ml bottles only cost $26 each.

I definitely need to go sniff more of the scents, but I love both Gardenia and Sunny here. Many of the scents evoke the atmosphere and weather on Jeju:


Sunny in particular is so crisp and fresh. I don't know the exact scent notes in this but it smells like a mix of tart fruits and sweet white flowers. Keep a bottle beside you and douse yourself liberally on hot days!

Finally, there is also a fun Soap Making Zone in the new store, where you can not just purchase DIY soap-making kits but also make them there on the spot. These natural soap kits cost $19 each and are available in 3 scents/formulas:
Green Tea
Volcanic Pore

There are instructions included in the baggies along with supplies like labels, natural extracts, etc. Besides being gentle and good for your skin (the soaps are formulated with shea butter, grape seed, coconut, palm and other vegetable oils), it's just a fun activity you can enjoy on the weekend, - alone, or with kids.

I'll do a more detailed review of each of the scents shown (and the performance of the candles) soon, but for more information in the meantime, you can check out Innisfree's Facebook page here:


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