Wednesday, June 24, 2015

MAC Le Disko Collection Swatches and First Impressions

MAC’s Le Disko Collection is about to hit Singapore (3 July at all counters except Isetan Scotts), and I hear Robinsons MAC Counters will launch these a week early - so today, 25 June - if you can't wait until next week. I will say right now that if you love color and sparkle, you will LOVE this ultra sparkly, uber-glam collection.

Ironically, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Dazzleglasses. I always felt they look pretty in the tube, but most of the softer shades all look the same once on the lips. The 5 shades in the Le Disko collection are pretty, but they’re pretty standard-issue, and my picks would probably be:
  • Rollargirl - (yes it’s spelt like that) taupe-beige with pink sparkles 
  • Cherry Popping - magenta with violet sparkles

I can imagine a lot of people will love Sugarrimmed though. It's a can't-go-wrong topper for nude and pale lipsticks.

The 2 Superslick Liquid Liners in a kitschy retro silver and gold are also fun as well. 

But where I feel they’ve knocked it out of the park is with the 12 Dazzle Shadows

I was half expecting these sparkly shadows to be like the Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadows (which have a tendency to be inconsistent in pigmentation, gritty to the touch, and fall all over your face), but once I swatched these I was sold.
These are creamy smooth, intense, buildable, and highly pigmented (except for Last Dance which has a slightly more crumbly texture than the rest). And most of them are duochrome and multidimensional. The sparkles often come in contrasting tones with the base colors.
Which means you can apply a wash of a single shade all over your lids and it will look like you put in a lot more effort than you did.

Lasting Power

These are sparkly shadows so they will not cling to the skin as well as regular powder shadows. They apply easily but can also be smeared or rubbed off easily if you’re not careful.
Make sure you apply a proper eye primer so the pigments have something to stick to. You can also try foiling them with a damp brush as that will help them last a little bit longer (and look a LOT more intense).

(My kitten dove right into the bunch of shadows and started playing with them; poor Get Physical got lost for a few hours but I eventually found it and swatched it.)

The more important question: 
How do these compare with Urban Decay Moondust shadows?
They’re similar enough in texture that several shades like Let’s Boogie, Boom Boom Room and I Like 2 Watch are pretty much dupes of Moonspoon, Solstice and Stargazer from Urban Decay. 
I won’t go so far as to say MAC is copying UD. Maybe everything is just manufactured by the same factory, or that’s just how a lot of the base pigments come. The plus is that there are 12 shades in the MAC collection, and I highly recommend checking out many of the more unique colors, especially:
  • Let’s Roll - burnished red-rose
  • She Sparkles - grey with platinum sparkles
  • Slow/Fast/Slow - bronze with rose sparks
  • Say It Isn’t So - slate grey with pink sparks
  • Feel The Fever - deep purple with pink sparks
  • Get Physical - blue-violet with pale blue sparks
The main con is these are limited edition - so when they’re gone, they’re gone. 

Come on, MAC! Swap those Veluxe Pearlfusion palettes out for these!

V.V. loves MAC.


  1. Thanks for the swatches. I'm intrigued about that kitty playing with your makeup. Please post a picture of him/her.

    1. LOL I'll share more pics from time to time! It's just so hard to get her in a shot because she's ALWAYS moving and will just look like a grey-black blur.


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