Friday, February 18, 2011

INs/OUTs: Jan 2011

Things I've been reaching for, and things I've stopped reaching for.
For now.


  1. Oil-based makeup removers: Like removes like. Nothing else removes makeup and post-workout grime quite as well as massaging with an oil-based cleanser. Just make sure to follow with a normal foaming cleanser to remove all traces of residue. I’m using DHC Cleansing Oil. Cheaper and just as effective as Shu Uemura’s, which I previously used for a couple of years.
  2. Browns: Am rediscovering all the warmer browns in my eyeshadow collection. I like gold browns that aren’t too coppery or brassy. Current faves include L’oreal Chrome Intensity “Magic Amber” Quad (wear an equal blend of all 4 shades) and Make Up Store “Savanna” Microshadow
  3. TheBalm Hot Mama: I don’t know if I’d call this “sexy” but it does give a healthy coral glow to the cheeks.
  4. Revlon Pink Pursuit Super Lustrous Lipglosses: Just discovered these gems. They are not too sticky, don’t leave an odd taste at the back of the throat, come in a nice range of shades (although I wish more shared were carried here). My favorite is “Pink Pursuit” (left), a soft neutral pink that is not too shimmery, not too sheer, not to sticky, not too runny, not too deep and not too pale to go with most things.
  5. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream: It might be over-priced petroleum jelly for some, but this remains the best intensive under-eye treatment which never causes milia or breakouts for me.


  1. Everyday Minerals Compact in Golden Medium: I gave up trying to make the gritty, lumpy texture and dull texture work for me. Stick with the loose, matte version, which is great.
  2. Using a stippling brush for foundation: You end up using more and getting less coverage. And it does still look mildly streaky if you’re not careful. It’s still my favorite tool for applying liquid and cream foundations, but it can’t beat your fingers.
  3. I Nuovi Undercover concealer #3Y: It’s still one of the best concealers around in terms of giving good correction for under-eye circles without settling into lines or caking, but the shade I have is a tad too deep at the moment. I’ve just been reaching for my Bourjois Healthy Mix more lately.
  4. MAC Taupe Brow Pencil: I love the shade still. But the darned tip keeps breaking off when I’m sharpening - I don’t know how much of the pencil I’ve wasted. It’s just as well that the local MACs don’t seem to carry it anymore. I’ll be switching to the automatic Eye Brows in Fling.
  5. Lip-liners: I don’t like how they change the consistency and opacity of glosses, somehow. I prefer just applying a lip primer to mute my lipcolor and keep my lip-line clean, without altering the lipgloss over it.


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