Monday, February 28, 2011

My Eyeshadow Palette


My I Nuovi Eyeshadow Palette is not your usual plastic palette. It's a lovely black "leather" magnetic palette with24 slots for 26mm eyeshadow pans.

And nope, it’s not filled with MAC. I don’t have access to MAC PRO stores where I live, and I really can’t bother getting crazy with wire cutters and heating contraptions in order to transfer the ones I own.

This baby is filled with eyeshadows I actually can depot without lethal weapons. The Body Shop and I Nuovi shadows are some of the best ones around, in my opinion. TBS is especially rich and creamy-feeling, so i you like soft shadows similar to Urban Decay's ion texture, go for them.

I Nuovi is similar to MAC in terms of cost, color range (a mix of vibrant metallics, pearls, glitters and matts), and quality, but not readily available outside of some Asian countries. The price on the web is also high compared to their retail stores, so I can't say I'd recommend rushing online to get them if you can access MAC shadows where you are.

This case though... the gorgeous case...
The only reason I don't have more than 1 is because I don't have enough de-potted eyeshadows to fill them.

What's in YOUR eyeshadow palette?

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