Saturday, February 26, 2011

Under-rated: The Body Shop Eye Color #45

The best silver shadow I’ve ever found is the creamiest, densest molten metal. And it does not break the bank. 

Meet The Body Shop’s Single Eye Color #45. 
These nondescript little pans are limited in color range, but extremely pigmented and silky to apply, due to the marula nut oil.I don’t know if this will make them go rancid with time, but they’re economical enough to repurchase. I just hope they never discontinue this range.

Their other shadows are a bit “iffy” to me. The quality isn’t consistent (yes, Shimmer Bricks, you know I’m talking about you…), though the colors are cuter. The Singles, however, are just gorgeous. I just wish they came in more colors.

 Above, The Body Shop #45 (left) vs Bourjois Eyeshadow #25 Argent (right)

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