Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Metallic Blue Double-Winged Liner

Double-winged liner simply refers to a look where the top and bottom lines split apart at the outer corners instead of coming together, following the eye shape. It's not hard to do if you've learned how to do a wing.
  • Use gel/pot liner and a very small, flat, firm brush. Liquid liner is a good deal harder to control if you're not well-practised at it, ESPECIALLY on the lower lash line.
  • As you draw the Line from inner corners out, stop before you reach the outer corners of your eyes, point the brush the other way, and draw the flick from the outside in to connect with the rest of the line. (Same with the bottom lash line.) This also makes it easier to ensure both eyes are as symmetrical as possible, as you can better gauge where the end of the flick is going to be.

In most cases, I don't recommend pairing double-wings with a full-on eye shadow look as it detracts from the  lines, and can look like a bit too much. Below, I'm keeping the lids very clean and subtle as I wanted to use a metallic blue instead of the usual black liner. Feel free to use whatever colors you like.

Step 1: Apply a soft taupe brown to outer V of your sockets for definition, and then a matte beige to the rest of the lids, gently smoking out the deeper brown at the socket line so it's subtle. I am using just matte shades.

Step 2: With a metallic navy gel liner (you can use any other metallic gel liner), draw the upper liner from inside outwards about 3/4 of the way, and then draw the flick from outside in, after deciding where it's going to end. (If in doubt, don't go too far up and out. It's easier to extend it out further than to try and clean it off.) The outer halves of the liner should be thick, so pull your brush almost straight inwards from the end of the flick.

Step 3: Repeat on the lower lash line. The only difference is that the line sits on the waterline, does not go out as far as the upper line, and the flick goes straight out rather than pointing up or down.  (Drawing on the lashes themselves or below them can result in a smudgy, imprecise line as your lashes get in the way.)
If there are any mistakes (and I sometimes get a lot), just get a Q-tip and drag it below the liner to clean up.

Step 4: Curl lashes and apply mascara. You may need to go over the liner again in case the curler rubbed off any of it. The line should be very opaque and intense.

Step 5: After applying a soft pink blush, I applied a translucent pale blue shimmer (try MAC Reflects Transparent pigments or glitters) onto brow bones and cheekbones, for an opalescent glow.

Finish with soft shimmery pink lips. (I used NYX Jupiter, a frosted pink, topped with Revlon Pink Pursuit lipgloss.)

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