Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pink Aura: Smoky fuchsia, purple and grey look (Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Look #3)

This is a 3rd look created with the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Eye Shadow Collection (I've getting my money's worth, dang it). I'm doing the "MAC Smoky Eye" with deeper shades at either corners, and the lightest color in the center of the lid. The overall look is colorful but soft and blended with no hard lines or edges.

The 3 shades used for this look are:
  1. Junkshow: duo-chrome satin fuchsia with blue sheen (MAC Stars n Rockets is higher-sheen but similar)
  2. Omen: duo-chrome medium satin-purple with blue sheen 
  3. Ace: Smoky metallic grey 
You don't need to use shades with exactly the same duochrome effects (although that would be fun). Matte and regular shimmer would work just as well. 

Step 1: Pack the bright pink shadow into the center of the lid and smoky gently up just above the socket line. When your eyes are open fully, you should see a bit of pink peeking above your eye lid fold.

Step 2: Pack the medium purple shade onto both sides of the pink, taking care to stop just short of the inner most and outermost corners. (The purple looks grey here due to the angle of the light. See bottom-most picture for the true shade.)

Step 3: With a pointed pencil brush, run a smoky grey shadow along the lower lash line, then pack into the outermost corners of the upper lid. With what is remaining on the brush, sweep gently inwards along the outer half of the socket line to sculpt the eye a little, and dab into the inner corners of eyes as well.
With a soft blending brush, blend out any harsh edges to the grey.

Step 4: At this point, if you've muddied up any of the colors, use your finger to gently dab more purple and pink onto the respective areas. This will intensify the color.
For a little extra oomph, I applied purple metallic pencil  to the waterline (you can use regular grey or black but that trace of purple is just much more interesting). Finish with black mascara!
Picture taken with flash

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