Monday, January 23, 2012

Strong Brows: The How-To Guide

Quick and easy step-by-step created for a Follower who wanted to know how to beef up her brows.

Step 1: Brush all your brow hairs up diagonally and look for patches where it 's more sparser. Usually the outer halves will be much more sparse than the inner halves, and you may also have uneven patches in-between.

Step 2: With your brow pencil or the angled brush and dark powder, fill in the gaps and even out the color of your brows where needed. Don't worry too much about making the outer halves exactly as dark as the inner halves. If you over-do it at this point it's going to look like stick-on brows. Not sexy.
This is the point where you step back to assess your brows. For some people, it might be just enough to bring out strong brows (especially if you have a good strong shape but sparse hairs that don't show up well.) If it still needs a little beefing up, move on to Step 3.

Step 3: The secret! Use your angled brush to pick up a little brow powder and dust gently along the roots of the bottom hairs. This very subtly thickens up your brows without looking like a drawn-in hairline. Do just the inner halves and stop to take a look. If it looks fine, leave the outer half alone as this tends to look less natural there.

Step 4: Using a colored brow mascara, stroke your brow hairs diagonally upwards (See Step 1) to  lock the hairs in place. Brushing them upwards stretches the hairline at the top, so now you are really widening the thickness on both the tops and bottoms.

Step 5: The last bit of oomph - When the brow mascara has set, use your angled brush to dust the hairs with more brown powder. This actually hides the mascara and makes your brows look naturally much fuller. I'll paste the first image again below, so you can see the difference! (Note that you're applying powder onto the dried mascara on your hairs. Don't press your brow hairs down onto your skin or you could get them plastered down, which will look really odd and be very hard to correct.)

Just to show the difference, I copied the first image again.
In the last image, I did some light eye makeup. Just a little apricot shimmer on the lids and black mascara on the lashes. If you want your brows to be the focus, don't overdo the eye makeup. Of course, if your point is just to beef them up a little to frame your eyes a little better, then by all means do whatever eye makeup you want.


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