Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Easy Weekend Eye: Pink-Violet Duochrome

Get a Pink and Violet Duochrome Eye with MAC Stars n Rockets and Flashtrack shadows
Pink and Purple are right up there in many "Favorites" lists when it comes to makeup colors. But what about Purple-in-Pink?

This look features a bright magenta pink with a violet-blue duochrome shift. I'm not sure about you but I find this color to be just a little too dramatic and reminiscent of the 80's on most days, so I seldom touch it. But when you temper it with a little blue and black at the lash lines, and heaps of blending, the overall effect can be quite modern and smoldering even.

I used an old mica from I Nuovi called Amethyst (I believe they've discontinued this in their Dust collection), but this is not a hard color to find. Urban Decay Deluxe Shadow in Fishnet and MAC Stars n Rockets are pretty much identical to this.

The other 2 key componenets to this look are a strong, creamy black kohl or kajal, and navy blue shadow (I used MAC Flashtrack but any shimmery deep navy will do equally well.

Step 1: Apply the black gel or kohl liner very thickly to the upper and lower lash lines. Don't worry about getting it neat as it will be covered over later. Just make sure it is very black, very dense, and quite thick. You will likely need to reapply after you're done with your eye shadows.

Step 2: Run a deep navy blue shimmer along the lower lash line to get a smoky finish. Do not apply the blue shadow to the water line. You want to keep the liner very black there.

Step 3: Pack the star of the show, a bright duochrome magenta to the lids, up just past the socket line. As the pink goes over the black liner from earlier, it'll transform into a lovely dark blue sheen.

Step 4: Dab your brush into a blend of both the magenta duochrome and the navy shade from earlier, and very lightly buff it along the outermost section of your socket line to add a bit of depth and contour. At this point, you may want to touch up the black kohl or liner along the water line, as it would probably have shifted and faded a little. (A second layer also helps to keep it on better.)

Step 5: Finish with lashings of black mascara. I wanted to keep everything still looking smoldering by keeping all the darkness just to the inner rims of the eyes, so I skipped false lashes here, but if you really want to go to town with this, you can definitely pop on falsies.


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