Monday, December 3, 2012

MAKEUP GIVEAWAY NOW OPEN!!! 3 reasons I should receive the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette!

Yes, you know the 5th edition has won out!
It was pretty fun to run a poll so readers could decide exactly which item should be used for a giveaway. (Don't tell me none of you compulsively refreshed the poll page to see the numbers jump.)

There were a couple of moments when the 3rd edition came pretty close, but as of this morning, 3 December 2012, the official winner is this latest version of the mega-palette with an overload of flattering pinks, mauves and lavenders mixed in with plenty of neutrals so you can use it for school, work, and play. 5th Edition! (Cue trumpets, strings and lots of wind-chimes.)
Now, here's how you can look "purty as a flower" for the holiday season.

To win it...
Reply below with:

3 reasons why you think you should receive the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette.

Do be sincere, funny, creative, etc. Be yourselves!
I'm checking with the company's rep to see if they would like to do the honors of picking out a winner since they're sponsoring this giveaway, but if they feel otherwise, I'll do the picking on their behalf. 

Contest will close by Friday morning 10am (Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, etc). That's about Fri noon 12-1pm if you're in Australia, Fri early-morning 2am London, Thurs night 10pm Eastern US and 8pm Western US, so that should give you the whole working week to think of your answers.



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  2. I think I should win this amazing palette because in January I will be attending cosmetology school and what a better way to start off the skin course, it will be of great use to experiment with my skills and knowledge. Also being an artist I have many ideas in my mind that entitle me to use so many colors :) and well who doesn't love a wide range of eye shadow colors in general? :) hope I win *fingers crossed*
    ~Steph Trujillo

  3. 3 reasons why you think you should receive the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette.

    Hi Ms.Candice!
    The 3 reasons why I should receive the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette is:
    1. I am currently 'ban' of buying makeup for the whole month. LOL. Not because of having a lot of it, but I am saving my money to buy things which are more important. So yeah, I am really controlling myself not to buy any makeup product, that's why I think it will be perfect if I'll have the BH Cosmetics palette by winning this giveaway.

    2. I don't own an eyeshadow palette with more than 10 colors. I do have a palette but it only compose of 10 e/s colors and they are all shimmery. I really wanted to have an e/s palette which is compose of different colors just like BH Cosmetics. It offers a lot of colors to choose from, from shimmery to matte which is good specially to me who is practicing to come up with the smokey eye look. And I think the colors on the 5th edition will certainly look great on Asian women (like me, lol).

    3. The availability of BH Cosmetics here in the Philippines (if I'm not mistaken) can only be purchase online (pre-order). Meaning to say it isn't available locally. Hence, it will cost more since we need to pay for the shipping fee and taxes. I haven't tried anything from BH cosmetics, so having this by winning this giveaway is a great chance for me to try it and see how beautiful it is.
    -Jennifer Fosgate

  4. 1. I've never bought colorful eyeshadow, because I've never had the confidence to wear them. This palette will allow me to experiment, play with colors, and maybe even realize that it's OK to be fun and not be serious all the time!

    2. I believe, as a wannabe-artist, that I'll be able to do GREAT things with all the colors in this palette. A face is a canvas, so who knows what work of art I'll be able to come up with.

    3. I'll share this palette with my mom and my sister, so you'll be making not one, but THREE women very, very happy this Christmas. It's also my mom's dream to own a palette with more than 100 colors!

  5. 1. I think that women make the world turn. They come in many beautiful shapes and sizes. Makeup like the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette only enhance our natural beauty.

    2. I am adventurous and love to be in the spotlight. I like to try BOLD new things and change my hair color often. With each new color, you need an entire new palette of makeup.

    3. Making bold clothing is my hobby. I am often times surrounded by beautiful women that are always down to participate in a fashion shoot or a fashion show. With so many color options with the BH palette, the flexibility allows me to dream up anything.

  6. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    1. I love makeup I think sometime is a hobby somtimes is like a game but you always feel good about makeup :)

    2. BH Cosmetics is a famous brand because all de makeup is amazing and I will be soooo lucky to finaly try them, because where I live I couldnt find them :(

    3. All the color are sooo rich and amazing! this will make me play with them a lot!!

    Nuevamente mil gracias!!

  7. hi :) I really want to win the BH Cosmetics 120 Color 5th Edition Palette because: A) I've never tried makeup before, so this could be a great opportunity; B) I don't really have enough money to buy such a beautiful palette as this one, and C) I'm going to a Christmas party soon, but haven't got any makeup to wear!

    haha thank you so much <3 :)

  8. The first reason why should I win this because I don't have this make up and I want to have one :D

    Second would be I want to be more expressive and creative by creating a perfect look everytime and everywhere :D I can show my creativeness by simply doing a make up and keeping myself more attractive.

    Third would be If I would have that make up It will be really glad and happy and It will give me more confident in creating things and being different from the others :D I want to live my life to the fullest and I want to have many collections of make up eventhough I don't have money but winning this giveaway will make me do :D That's my dream :D and Help me achieve my dream please :D LOL

  9. Thank you for the giveaway
    1. I think I should be the winner because Im just now learning the styles of makeup and need some to get started.
    2. I have never tried this make up and would like too.
    3. If I win I would do a lovely review on my new makeup journey,

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