Friday, July 26, 2013

New Pulp Fiction: Dark Lips and Nails, with soft Glittery Lids

Uber-dark lips are incredibly dramatic, but can look sophisticated at the same time. Here are a few quick tips to wear super-dark lips AND nails without going all goth or emo.

  1. Wear a bright blush. Many people don't think to do this, but dark lips can really drain your face of color, and the pop of a glowing pink or peach on the cheeks adds some life and prettiness so the look isn't too severe.
  2. Choose soft, cool colors for the lids. A very dark lip is almost a neutral shade in itself, so if you do a brown or taupe eye, the whole thing can look very monochromatic in a 90's sort of way. Not a bad look per se, but we're trying to keep things modern here.
  3. Add a little texture into your look. Whether it's a bit of sparkle or a metallic sheen to your lids, it helps to again liven up and lighten the look.
  4. Go purple/plum rather than brown when choosing a dark lipstick. That tends to be more flattering on most skins, including the very fair and the very dark. A dark brown can be more aging and draining.
  5. Go for a creamy texture rather than a matte, for a more accessible look.
Tips: Invest in a black lip mix or lipstick. (I used OCC Tarred for this, but my favorite black lip product is actually MAC Pro lipmix in Black.) You don't need 4-5 shades of dark lipsticks. Just add varying amounts of black to change it a bit.

Tool: I used a synthetic concealer brush for this.


Alternative: You can use a regular beige or translucent powder as well, but make sure it sets slightly tacky or the glitter won't stick.

Tip: Use the same concealer brush you used earlier for cream shadow. The bit of product on it picks up loose glitter easier and won't give you as much fallout as a dry brush.


Product notes: I used VDL's Ready Action felt-tip line, and drew in the flick first, going from outside.
Mascara used: VDL Eye Bomb mascara. (I like to give my mascaras the full 2-3 months before opening anything else! This is a very good alternative to Lash Blast which isn't available in Asia, and it's quite buildable if you work slowly in coats. BUT the big brush makes it REAL hard to apply to the lower lashes, so be aware.) 

Blush: MAC Peony Petal


For the lips, I did 2 variations. One a dark purple and the other blackened with a little lip tar, to complement my dark "dried-blood" nails.


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