Thursday, July 18, 2013

Makeupbox takes on Katy Perry! (Oh My and Ka-Pow lash reviews, plus a quick tutorial for an eye look that can stand up to huge lashes)

I think Katy Perry has a really fun and out-there style. It's sometimes borderline tacky, but let's face it; she's so hot she can get away with many things that would be faux pas on others.

So of course, when it came time to pick among the numerous lash designs bearing her name, I picked the 2 that I felt were dramatic and the least "normal"-looking. ("Normal" meaning "this shape is sold by 10,000 other brands and it's no point reviewing it again".) If you are going to shell out for Katy Perry lashes, no point buying a shape that Red Cherry does for a few dollars.

Full, dense, double-stacked lashes. (These are 2 strips of lashes laid on top of one another.) Super thick and dramatic.


  • Girls, these are some kuh-raaazzzy lashes! They're so dense I felt like I was wearing 2 sun-visors on top of my lids and everything was dark. "Who turned off the lights???"
  • These lashes will cast a huge shadow over your eyes. If you have smaller eyes, or want to widen them, DO NOT - I repeat - DO NOT - buy these. Like any huge, thick lashes, they can make your eyes look droopy and overwhelmed instead of larger and brighter.
  • The lash band is super thick and stiff because of the double-stacking, although Eylure was pretty good at making them as malleable as possible. STILL, they're not the easiest things to apply, and without a super-strong glue, you will struggle with keeping these on all day.

Purple tipped criss-cross wispies meant to bring out brown and hazel eyes. (There are versions for blue/grey/green eyes called Ka-Ching and Ka-Boom, but these aren't available in Asia.)

  • Now THESE I really like and will re-use. They're dramatic but not too dramatic.
  • The purple does nothing to bring out my dark brown eyes. As you can see in the image, all it looks like is black. I'm not sure if you'll have better luck with lighter brown or hazel eyes. 
  • That said, the color at the tips really helps to soften the look of the lashes and keeps them looking wispy and pretty even though they are so long.

I'd definitely go for the Ka-Pows (or Ka-Ching/Ka-Boom depending on what color tips you want). The Oh Mys are WAY too thick and looked kinda tacky on my eyes. I don't mind the length and shape, but it was just the density that was a bit much.
Possibly good if you're trying to shield your eyes from glaring lights or you're going to a costume party as a doll, but otherwise, it has a tendency to weigh the eyes down and make them look small and dull.

Simple Eye Look for Wearing Huge Falsies With (below)

Step 1: Simply buff a deep chocolate brown (Coastal Scents Dark Chocolate) on outer half of the lids, not going up beyond the hollow of the socket line.
Step 2: On the inner half of the lids, blend a pale creamy beige, Coastal Scents Nude, and buff slightly into the darker brown.
Step 3: Along the socket line, use a fluffy brush to apply a bright medium blue, Lime Crime's Nautilus Prime, from the Aquataenia Palette. Make sure to soften out the tops of the blue and fade towards the brow.

Step 4: Finish by creating a dark base for your lash band to go over. I simply ran a little black pencil (Maybelline Master Drama in Midnight Drama) along the lash line and then smudged it out slightly with a cotton bud so it would be smoky.
Now you're ready to curl your lashes and apply your falses!


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