Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My Lash Routine: A Few Simple Tips to Maximize your Lashes!

If you want super long and well-curled lashes, you have 3 options.
  1. Wear falsies
  2. Go for lash extensions
  3. Do your best to maximize what you have!

Eye before lashes are done. Makeup done with Wet n Wild Greed palette

Eyes after lashes are done with Maybelline Great Lash mascara

The first thing to remember is that it’s not just about what mascara you use. If you have very stubborn lashes (thick hair shaft) that straighten quickly, then you'll do better with waterproof formulas which are stiffer. If your lash shafts are medium-thickness like mine and aren't too hard to curl, regular mascara will work fine.

Lash-maximizing tools from left: Lancôme Cils Triple Boost, Browlash EX Gel Liner, New Eyecurl II heated lash curler

Tip: Running a little black liner along the upper lash line and smudging it out mimics shadow cast by dense lashes and helps to "fill in" the visible gaps between your lash hairs

Lengthening is not done just to the tips of the lashes. Well-done tight-lining at the base of the upper lash line "extends" the lashes at the roots, by creating the illusion that they start 1-2mm lower than they really do

Lash curling: If you have very straight, short and stubborn lashes, this step is compulsory. Curl them at least at the roots so they are lifted. This is just done to make mascara application easier. Don't worry if lash curlers never managed to keep your lashes lifted for long.

Optional step: You can go ahead and apply a lash base at this point. It definitely does beef up the lashes, but also can make them look clumpier and more obviously unnatural. You can go with the fiber formulas like the one from Make Up For Ever) or the subtler bases (like ones from Lancome or good ol' Ardell Lash/Brow Growth Accelerator).

Tip: One trick is to quickly get your mascara on before the lash base dries completely. This way you get nice natural-looking tapered tips instead of odd bent "burnt-twigs". So do one eye at a time.

Use whatever mascara you like, but I recommend a formula that coats your lashes evenly, with minimal clumps.

This is where you actually curl your lashes. The best thing I ever learnt was to use heated lash curlers AFTER mascara. Hold your lashes up for a few seconds.

This melts the mascara, removing clumps, and curls your lash at the same time. Then once you remove the curler, the cool air hits your melted mascara, which goes through a quick-cool process and becomes stiffer than it usually is, which helps it to hold curl even as your lash. The more stubborn your lashes, the longer you should hold it, but don't overdo it and singe your lashes off. 5-10 seconds per section should be sufficient.

Note: the absolute best lash heater I've tried is New Eycurl II, which is a China-manufactured lash heater from Sasa outlets in Singapore (it might be in Sasa in other countries as well but I haven't checked!), which is hotter than most lash heaters - and very affordable at under S$16. Regular ones still work; just not as fast. 

The reason not to lift all your lashes equally is because it can look very unnatural and unflattering when the lashes at the outer corner go straight up and inwards. It looks far better both from the front, and the sides, when they don't go up as high as the center lashes.


  1. I've been following your tumblr for what seems like the longest time, then i followed you on blogspot. Your make up is always so perfect and your skin is flawless! I thought it was about time i said hello ^^
    I love that your blog is always full of really helpful tips, this one was no exception. Can't wait to try it out.

    à la foliee

    1. Hey Chloe, thanks for the lovely message!
      Yeah Tumblr is my main blog, but it's annoying that I can't reply to questions and comments on posts so I'm trying to see if I can slowly direct people over to blogspot. (They really need to add that function in Tumblr...)

  2. I find that tightlining also really helps lashes appear longer

    1. Hi Shanna, yes quite right! That's what I meant by applying liner just below the roots to extend them an extra millimetre or two! :) I realized that when I said tightlining, not everyone knew what it meant.

    2. hahahaha wow I COMPLETELY missed the paragraph and photo of you mentioning it. It didn't look (to me) that you'd done it in the last photo so I just threw it out there, apparently without thoroughly reading first like a big asshat lol

      anyway yes, tightlining is a godsend

    3. LOL, no worries! Yeah tightlining and waterlining are probably the best eye emphasizing tricks I ever learnt. Instantly dresses up the eyes when I don't have time to do anything else.

  3. this blue/purple-ish eye makeup looks fabulous. Any chance you will put a tutorial of this? (:

    1. Hi Kris, if you've seen the Wet n Wild Greed palette, I only used the 3 matte shades. The peachy brown all over, the pale beige on the inner corners, and black lightly on the outer corners! It's that simple!
      The purple effect is just the black shadow blended into the peach.

  4. Hi dear, my lash always fall flat down after a curl. I hv used many mascaras and the booster clis from lancome. But the effect is not lasting. Any tips for me??

    1. Hi Cindy,

      See my above points on the heated eyelash curlers! If you're in Singapore, or can access SASA stores, they sell an eyelash curler called New Eyecurl II. That's slightly hotter than typical heated lash curlers, and using it after mascara keeps your lashes curled the whole day. (It's worked on sooo many people with downward pointing stubborn lashes around me!)

  5. Hi, what eyelash curler is that? Looks special!

    1. Hi Melissa, the small squeeze curler is Shu Uemura's S curler. The heated one is New Eyecurl II from Sasa. Details are all within the post!

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