Wednesday, October 2, 2013

[Requested] Shu Uemura Sweet Red Collection Swatches

There was a request to do lip swatches for the Fall 2013 Sweet Red collection by Shu Uemura, especially for those of you who can’t swatch it in-store. All shades above are done without liner or primer so you can see the textures!
Shu Uemura Sweet Reds limited edition lipsticks

What you need to know is this collection of 6 jelly-like shades departs from typical opaque fiery reds. Though they feel smooth and slick like balm-lipsticks, they go on evenly without that annoying streakiness and patchiness. There’s also a lot more sheen.

Aside from Lacquer Red which is a true red, 3 of these go on coral-toned and 2 a slightly rosy-tone. They can be worn sheer or built up in 2-3 coats, which is how you’ll get the best “jelly” sheen.

Shu Uemura Sweet Red lipstick swatches (from left) Dolly Red Lucid, Sweet Devil Rouge, Baby Flame, Mon Shu Red Pure, Lacquer Red, and Spiky Rose

  1. Dolly Red Lucid (creme) - the softest and most translucent shade in the collection, this is a soft pink-toned coral.
  2. Sweet Devil Rouge (creme) - a true semi-sheer warm-toned coral.
  3. Baby Flame (shimmer) - jelly-like coral with a rosy-pink shimmer. Probably the most unique shade of the bunch.
  4. Mon Shu Red Pure (shimmer) - a cooler-toned, rosier version of Baby Flame, with paler shimmer.
  5. Lacquer Red (Creme) - the truest red of the bunch, this layers up to a more intense finish than the rest of the shades. If you like red but find opaque ones too scary, try this glossy one.
  6. Spiky Rose (Creme) - the “blue”-toned red of the bunch, this is a beautiful rosy shade that can be worn like a stain, or layered to an almost-red.

Tips for wearing these:

  • Sweet Red lipsticks are sheer and glossy, so they are great if you have dry or thin lips, and it’s not necessary to wear a balm under them, as that would just make them slide around.
  • The glossiness means these won’t last as well as typical lipsticks which have more pigment. To make sure they stay on longer, and don’t bleed into fine lines, coat your lips with nude lip liner first.
  • I’d also say they are quite skin-tone flattering because there are a lot of soft undertones in these reds and a conditioning texture so if typical reds tend to look too severe and aging on you or you want a more youthful sheen to the lips, check these out.
  • Sweet Reds are out in the US already and should also already be available everywhere Shu is sold by October!

Shu Uemura Sweet Red lipstick in "Lacquer Red", the true red of the bunch.

To see all 6 lip swatches, click here!

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