Tuesday, October 29, 2013

[Requested] Basic Nude Lip Smoky Eye Makeup Look: Diorshow Aventure and MAC Blankety

Classic nude lips and smoky eyes in a few easy steps!

One of the easiest and most flattering looks to pull off a nude lip. Here is an easy step-by-step, and some tips to making it more wearable, and quick options for a day-appropriate version!

Rich browns, charcoal and grey, or even deep jewel tone on the lids
A pink or peach blush that isn't too neutral or deep in color; a soft wash of radiant color balances out the overall look. (Don't keep trying to match your blush to your lip color when you're wearing nude.)
To avoid the "concealer lip", which can be quite unflattering for many people, try a nude lip pencil that matches your lip color closely as a base
For this look, I'm using a charcoal grey cream shadow.

Tip: Using a matte brown instead of black along the lower lash line is a way to add extra definition without the whole look getting too heavy, or making small eyes look even smaller.

 I used Shu Uemura IR 811, which is a translucent gold like MAC's Vanilla pigment. A touch of warm color also balances out the grey and makes the look go with most outfits.
Finish the eye with black mascara!

I used No 7's Precision Lip Pencil in Nude, which is a great shade for people whose lips aren't very pigmented or pink. It's not as dusky or mauve-based as other nude pencils. (Urban Decay's Illegal is another good one that isn't too pink or brown.)

Product: I applied MAC Blankety for this look.
On the cheeks, I added a little girly color with a fresh pink blush (Yves Saint Laurent Rue de Babylone); try a brighter fresher shade to add a little color back into your face if you have very yellow or olive toned skin, and avoid looking sallow.


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