Friday, January 2, 2015

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Range

Belif Peat Miracle Revital Range
Belif is a popular Korean herbal skincare brand which is well-known for its adherence to 5 credos:
  1. True Ingredients - only carefully selected natural herbal ingredients are used
  2. True Formulas - the brand uses traditional extraction methods and processes to preserve natural ingredients
  3. True Benefits - quality of the products takes emphasis over packaging
  4. True Safety - no synthetic preservatives, colors, fragrances, mineral oils or animal derivatives are used in their formulas
  5. True Timelessness - they stay away from fanciful fad ingredients and use herbal formulas that aim to stand the test of time
Peat Miracle Revival range is one of their newer anti-aging, skin rejuvenating lines.

If you've never heard of peat extract, it's a rare extract harvested from unpolluted earth deep under the surface in a few specific geological areas of the world. The "magic ingredients" created by fermentation of diverse organic matter are humic substances, including humic acid, which is not only antibacterial but also anti-inflammatory, and believed to be beneficial to skin regeneration. In fact, it's being studied for AIDS treatment. But I do need to point out that the exact benefits for skincare are still being studied so I steered away from reading too much marketing copy from Belif, because I wanted to try it for myself and see what it was really good for.

After using the products for about a month straight, this is what I think!

Peat miracle revital serum concentrate
The peat miracle revital serum concentrate is a viscous, clear, cooling gel which feels a little like hyaluronic acid. It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any greasy residue.

If you have oily skin, this is one of the key products in the range you should start with because some of the other products are heavier in texture and possibly not that fantastic for oily skins, even though they aren't greasy per se. It's quite a refreshing and soothing product.

Belif Peat miracle revital cream
The Peat Miracle Revital Cream is cream with medium thickness but it does absorb into my dry skin quite well and the hydration lasts for a few hours. It's actually not a greasy cream at all. Good if you have normal to slightly-dry skin. I'm not too certain if those with oilier skins would enjoy something of this texture in the day, but it could work at night, in air-conditioning or in colder environments.

And the fresh herbal smell is just beautiful. I really enjoy the texture and scent every time I apply it.

Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream
 The Peat Miracle Revital Eye Cream is meant to stimulate collagen production. In my month of using it, I can't really see any big change in skin texture and tone but that's normal with any topical product. Don't expect miracle results in a month, whatever the name says.

It does do a pretty good job of keeping my parched under-eye area hydrated and supple, without causing any milia seeds or clogs. 

If you have combination skin or oily skin but a few dry areas, I'd suggest getting the serum and the eye cream. Like the face cream, this has that same fresh light herbal scent.

Peat Miracle Revital Mask
Now here's one of my favorite products from the range. This was actually one of the last products I tried (I used the rest of the range about 3-4 weeks before I even popped this out, as I'm not someone to use clay masks regularly due to my drier skin.)

But I love it.

It works like a non-drying clay mask and cleans the skin, but it doesn't cause my skin to sting, and it doesn't dry it out. How's that for a good alternative to the usual masks that suck the moisture right out of your skin?

Then again, this is probably the reason why it might be a good option for normal to dry or mature skins, but not for very oily and congested skins. Not that it would do any harm. You just wouldn't see as much of an effect.

Final Verdict?

I'd say it's a great range for people who want skincare for first-signs of aging, who are experiencing a bit of dryness/dullness, some fine lines and slight slackness. Not so much for very mature skins or advanced signs of aging.

This is a good affordable alternative to expensive skincare if you're in your late 20s to mid-30s, if you don't have special needs such as acne or extreme sensitivity.


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