Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Guerlain Météorites Light-Revealing Powder Compacts

Guerlain Meteorites are something of a recent obsession for me. If you can even call it an obsession. I am not one of those people who hunts down every single limited edition release. But I do own about 5 of them in various tones (3 permanent, 2 limited editions), although I never just buy them 'cos they look good in the tins. They have to look good on the face too. 

02 Clair, and 03 Medium in the permanent line are fool-proof favorites. 02 as a bit of ultra-subtle illuminator on high points of the face after makeup. (I wouldn't apply it all over - it's too cool for my yellow-toned skin.) 03 Medium is the one that melds beautifully into my skin and subtly corrects and perfects. 

And while I love how cute the little pearls look in the tins, they're too bulky for traveling with, and are not the most portable. And it sometimes takes some shaking and rolling to get all the colors on your brush. Plus, if you accidentally tip these over, the little pearls go all over. 

So cue the Guerlain Météorites Compact Light-Revealing Powders. These are available in 3 shades - 02, 03, and 04 - which correspond with the regular Météorites shades in the tins. 

Guerlain Météorites Light-Revealing Compact in 02 Clair
02 was provided to me for review, but I immediately went out and bought 03 myself. It's my favorite shade after all. Do note that the color corrective properties of the powders work much better if you get a shade that fits your skin tone.

Guerlain Météorites Light-Revealing Compact in 03 Medium

A lot of people ask me what Meteorites powders are for.

Are they highlighters? 
Not quite. Except for some limited editions, most Meteorites are not pale or shimmery enough to serve as actual highlighters.

Are they setting powders? 
Sorta. They impart a soft-focus luminosity and to the skin and improve its tone, so they do more than set makeup. And they do not have strong oil-control properties so if that's what you need, stick with an absorbent powder. 

Do you apply them on top of foundation or after setting powder? 
I prefer to use them in place of setting powder in areas where you need a bit of illumination or subtle color-correction. It has luminosity but it doesn't make you shiny (unless you bought alimited edition   Holiday version that's meant to sparkle) or emphasize pores so it does work great as a setting powder for those with dull sallow skin. 

What's the finish they give? 
Satin. Not dewy/shiny, but not matte either. There is a very subtle glow that is not obvious to the naked eye.

Are they all the same? 
No. Some seasonal releases are blush pearls; some are more shimmery highlighters, and some are bronzers. But my top recommendation if you have to pick one is to find the one that fits your skin tone best and use it as an all-over brightening powder. (You can get good blushes and bronzers easily.)

Do the compacts perform the same as the tinned Meteorites?
The compacts are a bit easier to control in my opinion. You can be sure you get every shade when you swirl your brush, and there's less fall out. But of course, some people can't imagine buying a Meteorites compact that isn't in pearl form!
The tin form also smells stronger than the compact. They smell like a vague powdery iris/violet/rose. Like a rich lady's boudoir or makeup might have smelt decades ago.


  1. which one do you like better- the compact or the tin form. I'm pretty vain and wanted the tin form for as long as I could remember but I've been hearing people do prefer the compact. Also what is your skin tone about. I would guess that most asians have light skin tone and the medium looks kinda dark to me. I'm just trying to find the right color since it's so expensive

    1. I honestly prefer the compact. I had the exact same thought at the start; why would I like the compact when I have the tin?! But gosh darn it - the compact is gorgeous too once you see it up-close. And I just love the fact there is minimal mess. You can't really bring that gorgeous tin out so who's going to see it anyway right?
      I'm round NC25 in skin tone, sort of medium-light. Medium is alright for that. It's really not opaque enough to look dark or muddy against the skin and I always recommend it for those who aren't extremely pale, and want a little bit more color-correction on their skin. The Clair shade doesn't even out the skin quite as well as the Medium shade for my skin tone.

  2. Do you get any more coverage from the compact than you would from the loose pearls ?

  3. Do you get any more coverage from the compact than you would from the loose pearls ?

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