Saturday, February 28, 2015

MAC Cinderella Makeup Look: A Sultry Twist

The MAC Cinderella collection looks all princess-y and soft; but if you take a closer look at the color tones and textyres, the combination is actually rather sultry and Bardot-esque. 

So - as usual - I'm going to be all contrary, and do a sexy glistening smoky eye with the collection (whereas I did a rather subtle look with the Toledo collection). 

MAC Cinderella collection look, featuring Stroke of Midnight eye palette, Lightly Tauped Studio Eye Gloss, and Coupe d'Chic Iridescent Powder

The eyes are amazingly simple. I used only 2 eyeshadows and an eyeliner. The eye gloss is an optional step which you do not need to take.
  1. I applied  thin layer of Vapour shadow (top left) all over from lashes to brows as a base
  2. Then I buffed Satin Taupe (bottom left) over the lid area, blending out into the socket line for a smoky effect. I also used a small detail brush from 13rushes to sweep Satin Taupe along the lower lash line.
  3. I smudged black liner along the upper and lower lash lines, then along the inner rims for a catty, defined look. No wing or flick was applied.
  4. Finish with mascara,

If you want a bit of special effects, then dab some sparkly eye gloss over the lid using a flat concealer brush.

MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Lightly Tauped

For the cheeks, 
  1. I actually used a soft tangerine-red cream blush (NARS Portofino) very high on the cheeks using my fingers. This was blended almost up to the eye, for a more naturally flushed dewy sheen.
  2. Then I swept the very gorgeous MAC Cinderella Iridescent Powder in Coupe d'Chic along the cheekbones to catch the light. This gives a soft warm gold sparkle. 
  3. As a last step, I used NARS Laguna bronzer with a firm shader brush (13rushes Ultimate Shader) along the hollow of the cheekbones to sculpt the cheeks. 

MAC Iridescent Powder in Coupe d'Chic

NARS Laguna bronzer and 13rushes Ultimate Shader brush

 Finally, on the lips, I only slicked on a light layer of Royal Ball Lustre Lipstick from the Cinderella collection. I do have to say this is perhaps the one item in the collection I've tried so far that I don't really like that much.

 The texture is a little dry for a lustre, which can make the sheer pearlescent color look a bit patchy on the lips. If you have chapped lips or any flakes, stay away from this lipstick. Otherwise, it IS quite a pretty color for muting down your lips and getting a soft pearlescent nude look to pair with smoky eyes.

And here's the finished look! Sultry smoky eyes (gloss optional), sparkly glowy skin, and muted pearly lips. 

Not quite Cinderella I would say.
And I would imagine most princesses would have flushed just-bitten lips rather than a nude mouth anyway, so the collection is more Brigitte Bardot than Cinderella to me!


  1. I love your makeup here!!!! I wonder if the lipstick has the same effect on me, my lips are darker than yours...

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  3. Hey I'm actually looking to buy the royal ball lipstick but haven't found it anywhere. If you're willing, could I buy it from you?

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