Saturday, July 16, 2011

I Hit Pan!!! (And the Reasons I Started a Makeup Blog)

MAC Patina shadow, above

To many an obsessive makeup hoarder/collector, that image signifies Satisfaction. 
(And I must say a bit of disbelief that we actually managed to use anything often enough to see the pan.)

I am one of those people who cycle between envy at those who manage to make a significant dent in their makeup items, and also terror at the thought of running out of the things I love.

Maybe I'm just OCD. When I use an eyeshadow palette, I'll inadvertently try to rotate between shades so no one color shows a bigger dent than the others. When I love a product, I'll start looking for an alternative for it so that I don't use it up. (Yeah, it's not logical.) And I also tend to get bored of wearing the same color nail polish or eye shadow consecutively. So I almost never do. 

I have a shelf dedicated to backups of favorites which I am not even close to finishing.

Strangely, I love "pan porn". I'll trawl the web occasionally, looking for images of half-finished items and wondering at how others manage to use the same items so consistently and feeling an odd admiration for them. The only things I can use repeatedly each day, and constantly finish through the years, are lipsticks and mascaras. 

Which leads me to two of the reasons I started a makeup blog:
  1. Use up more makeup
  2. Use more colorful makeup
I think it's time to get more pan porn of my own.

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