Monday, July 18, 2011

Color of the Moment: Getting that Nina Ricci F/W 2011 Milky-Salmon Lip!

Remember the gorgeous creamy-salmon lip color on the Nina Ricci F/W 2011 catwalk 
every magazine editor was raving about?

Pat McGrath just disclosed the formula. 
Mix concealer with a coral shade to get that perfect blend. I used MAC NW25 (it's more pink than an NC, and it has the best opacity and texture for the lips) with 2 coral-ey colors. One is more peach and one is more pink. It just depends on your skin tone and preference.

I tried all kinds of lip concealers, nude lipsticks, etc. MAC NW25 + Revlon Kiss Me Coral Super Lustrous Lipstick (bottom swatch) is a win.

If orange is not your thing, and you want to lean a little closer to pink, Rimmel's Pink Fame Color Show-Off Lipstick (hot coral-pink at top-left) gives an even brighter, pinker dupe when paired with a concealer. Replace the Revlon with this if you want a really true-to-catwalk version.

I do recommend using a paler or deeper concealer depending on your skin tone, and to always choose a slightly salmon shade regardless of whether your skin is warm or cool. It should not be too deep or dark or the effect is spoilt. 

To mimic the matte texture that McGrath did (and I did not), layer a single-ply of tissue over your lips, and dust over with translucent powder before applying another layer. You might want to scrape some product into a small jar and pre-mixing it so that you have a consistent shade for touching up.

Pair with bronzed skin for best effect!


  1. I love this combo, but hate having to mix shades in order to get the desired result. Very pretty, though.

  2. @ Lerina: Yeah, it's a pain. :( But nobody seems to make JUST such a shade, with the same opacity.

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