Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Eyeshadow Storage

Smiggle is an Aussie stationery store, and I love how bright and cheery everything is. I'm not about to throw out all my document folders and pen holders just for them, but I couldn't resist getting two of these beautiful three-tiered stackable tins for organising and storing my eyeshadows in.

They come in black, green, silver, white, fuchsia, aqua, blue, deep purple (and I think yellow but I may be wrong). Of course, I HAD to pick the fuchsia and aqua!

They are not too large, but they can just about fit all my individual eyeshadows and some of the smaller palettes.

 Above, aqua-blue Smiggle tin containing 

Pink Smiggle tin containing gel liners, cream bases, and paints.

Each tier comes with a flat lid cap (see pink stack in top picture) which fits snugly but is not too hard to remove, so you can even use the top of each tin as a separate surface for placing products if you need more separation.

Very neat.


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