Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dragonfly Wings: Iridescent Smoky Eye

For those of you who want to veer away from the usual stately, smoky colors this holiday season, an iridescent, multi-faceted smoky eye can work just as well with that little black dress. (In fact, it would probably be the focal point of your entire look.)

I'm using some shades from the Urban Decay 15 Year Anniversary Collection and The Body Shop, but feel free to use alternatives you own.
What you'll need to get this look:
  • A creamy black base: I used the black half of ELF's Cream Shadow Duo in Licorice
  • A medium purple with blue highlights (Urban Decay Omen)
  • A deep gunmetal grey shadow (Urban Decay Ace)
  • A translucent duochrome white with pale green sheen (The Body Shop #08)
Step 1: Apply a dark base to the lid, going up just above the socket line. This does not need to be very dark or opaque. You just need a base for shadow to cling to.

Step 2: Apply a blue-violet shade to the outer edges of the black base, along the upper areas of the socket. Run along the lower lash line with a fine brush as well.

Step 3: Pack the dark metallic grey to the lid under the purple. Smoke out the edges between the grey and purple so there are no harsh lines.

Step 4: The fun part is applying a wash of iridescent green over the dark grey to transform the color. I used The Body Shop's Single Eyeshadow in #08 which is a white with a green sheen (similar in effect to MAC Vanilla or Pink Opal pigment) on the inner half of the grey shadow only. Reach around the inner corners to the bottom lash line slightly as well.

The finished eye lid should look something like this, with green on the inner halves, dark grey on the outer halves, and soft purple framing everything.

Step 5: Apply black kohl along the water line and black mascara on the top and bottom lashes. Voila!


  1. i love the colours used here, theyre my favourite to use on the eyes! great job =) xxx

  2. I love the title of this look, it's exactly right.

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