Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cabaret Mod: Dramatic Antique Gold Graphic Liner

This look hinges on 2 things: A highly metallic liquid liner or pigment, and a set of very long, very spiky lashes. It's obviously not a subtle day look, but for night, it can be extremely dramatic.

I used:
MAC Reflects Antique Gold pigment (a golden-taupe micro-glitter)
Black liquid liner
Sasa Lashes #03 Sexy

Step 1: Begin with a thick swatch of black liquid liner. If you're new to this, do 2 strokes the way I did below. (1) made by laying the brush along the curve of the lower lash line (tip pointing outwards) and gently setting it down along your upper lid. If your brush is very wet, you can either blot lightly on the back of your hand so that you don't get a big blob of black for your flick, or (2) you can first swipe the centre of your lids to get rid of excess first. This ensures that you have maximum control and precision when you do your outer flicks.

Step 2: After the 2 lines, you can slowly connect the 2 outer points of the black lines earlier, curving gently to follow your lash line a little. When you are safisfied with the outer portion of the wing, continue into the inner corners last, just as your brush has the least amount of product left. This will give you the finest line possible, which is exactly what you want.

Step 3: With a metallic liner or glitter liner (you can create your own like I did by mixing glitter sealant and a metallic bronze pigment/glitter) and a flat angled brush, draw a line diagonally from the outer most tip of the flick to the inner corners of your eyes. The line should be almost straight. Fill in the space between this and the black line, and then layer on more product to get an opaque, foiled metal strip along your lids.

 Step 4: Run the bronze along the outer halves of your bottom lashes, and then apply a strip of very long, spiky lashes. They should be shorter on the inner corners and longer on the outer so the overall look is still slightly cat eyed. I'm not using a super flared lash like the Eylure Nicola because that would obscure the dramatic wing.

Place on the center of your lashes after the glue has dried at least 1-2 minutes, then firmly tuck the ends in. If you need, run over the base of the lash band with black liquid liner again, just to make sure there is no glue showing.

Step 5: Run a pale yellow, white, or beige pencil along the inner rims of your lower lash line, and then apply black mascara to bottom lashes. These lashes can really obscure and darken your eye, closing them off and making them appear smaller, so adding this bit helps to brighten them up a little again.

Step 6: To finish, I decided to go for a pale, milky pink (NYX Strawberry Milk Round Lipstick) on the lips and a hot pink flush (NYX Pinky) on the cheeks. By all means switch around to find colors you're comfortable with, because this eye goes with literally any lip shade.


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