Sunday, August 5, 2012

Marina and The Diamonds Nude Lip Look: Retro with a Twist

This is a rather Classic look which would suit anybody. 

You would just need to adjust the colors you use depending on how pale or deep your skin tone is. You would need:
  • 2 matte shadows: a pale beige (you can use a pressed powder) and a dark brown (Revlon Rich Sable)
  • black gel liner (Maybelline is a good option)
  • 2 sets of false lashes; a natural-looking full-strip for the top lashes, and a strip of separated clusters on a clear strip, like below
  • a soft beige-pink blush (NYX Angel) or anything that doesn't really stand out too much on your skin
  • a nude lipstick (I used Lime Crime Coquette)
  • a pale mauve-pink glass (Revlon Colorburst in Crystal Lilac)

Step 1: Apply the pale beige all over the entire lid from lash line to brown bone.

Step 2: Apply the deep brown shadow along the hollow of the socket line. 

Step 3: Smoke the brown upwards towards the brow. Leave just the brown bone clean. Wing it out slightly at the outer corners. If the beige on the mobile lid (near the lashes) has been muddied, simply reapply the pale shade again.

Step 4: Apply your gel liner along the upper lash line and end it in a flick. Follow the lashes all the way, down and then out in a soft curve at the outer corners. Marina's flick starts quite low so the look is more retro and isn't that "catty".

Step 5: Marina doesn't have any skin showing below her lashes, which means you will need to run the gel liner along the tightline, under the upper lashes. Make sure you don't see any skin there.
Then run a matte beige (Nars Rue Bonaparte) or white liner along the lower lash line.

Step 6: Apply full strip lashes to the upper lash line. (I used Ardell 120 Demis, as usual.)

Step 7: The fun bit is the lower lashes. You can buy a box of clusters, but it is far easier (and looks nicer) to cut up the full strip of cluster lashes above, so you have individual chunks with a wide, flat base rather than a point or a knot.
Begin from the outside and work your way in, pasting the lash clusters top-down over your natural lash line. If you need to shift any clusters so they're spaced evenly, just reapply glue and place them back on. Don't paste them them on the waterline itself.

Step 8: Apply a nude lipstick to your lips and then blot lightly.

Step 9: Top your lips with a pale pink-mauve gloss just for a bit of a cool-toned sheen.

Step 10: Using your liner brush and the gel liner again, draw a V to place the base of Marina's signature "heart"-shaped beauty mark on the left side of your face. It's easier that trying to draw a heart from the bow shape at the top.

Step 11: Simply fill in, and you're done! If you need to edit any mistakes, use a tiny lip brush dipped in a little oil-free makeup remover and gently clean up the edges.


  1. Replies
    1. (I take no credit for the idea, haha.)
      Instantly updates the whole retro look to something fresher and younger.

  2. Oh my goodness! This is GORGEOUS and you've interpreted to perfection! It's almost mod! ...Or is it full on mod?

    1. OMG, I just saw this message. One year late LOL!! Thank you!!

    2. And you're right, it's only "almost mod". The way she shapes her lid/socket with soft brown and wears a fluffy set of lashes is quite 50's; more Marilyn than Twiggy.
      So strangely, it's almost 50s on top and 60s on the bottom!

  3. Love the look! Great illustration as well :)

  4. Oh my god, this is the most amazing marina & the diamonds tutorial I've ever seen! What lashes did you use for the lower lashline? Looks fantastic!

    1. Hi Natalia, thank you!
      I got those lashes from some eBay lash seller quite awhile ago so I'm afraid I don't remember the exact account! They were one of those super-cheap 10-pairs in a box China-made ones. They were way too short for the upper lash line, so I just cut them into tufts for this look! I think any generic lashes that are quite short, have a transparent lash band, and can be cut into little tufts will work!


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