Saturday, January 5, 2013

Grey with a Lavender Twist: Duochrome Sparkle Eyeshadow Tutorial

Because Maybelline's Color Tattoo shadows were SUCH a great product to use as glitter base, I couldn't resist doing a second version in a slightly winged out kitten-eye shape. This time, I used a grey base (Audacious Asphalt) and a crystalline white glitter with a violet sheen on top.
I had a lot of trouble capturing the true color of the glitter (Virgo by Lime Crime) in flash. It kept showing up white in the camera, although it's a violet in real life.

You will need:
  • Black pencil
  • Grey cream shadow or base
  • Pale white glitter with lavender sparkle (you can actually use any pale glitter; it doesn't need to be a white with violet duochrome, but if you can get hold of some, it adds a twist to the look)
Step 1: First, I did a simple black liner swatch along the upper lid. Do it in a rough triangle so it's thick at the outer corners.

Step 2: Here's the fun step. You apply the grey shadow using a synthetic concealer brush, and you want to line it up exactly above the black liner you did earlier (overlapping a tiny bit is fine) and then drag it out past the outer corners of the eye. 
This actually scrapes the black and pulls it out into a nice sharp wing.
The grey should go up to the hollow of the socket line, so continue to apply if that stroke with the brush did not cover everything.

Step 3: The simple part is the glitter. Just quickly use the same brush to press a thin layer of pale white/violet glitter over the grey cream shadow.

Step 4: Finish with black mascara. Because the glitter doesn't really go down to the base of the lash line, you can easily wear half-strip lashes with this look for some extra drama.
It's quite a neutral look but there's just that bit of extra sparkle in a different color when your eyes catch the light.

To show you how the duochrome looks, I have an image taken in shaded interior lighting (daylight) as well. Grey, but not grey!


  1. The look is pretty gorgeous, love it! ♥

    1. Thank you! Hope you're having a great new year so far?

  2. I love this...great shade of color!

    1. Thanks Claire! It did turn out more dramatic than I'd expected LOL. Probably doesn't show as well in pictures.


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