Sunday, January 27, 2013

Soft Purple and Neutral Eye for Hooded Lids

Purple is a flattering color for most skin tones and eye colors, but here is a subtler way to wear if it you would like to add a little color into your day.
Great for:
  • Hooded Lids
  • Those with a wide space between lash line and brow
  • Brown, Hazel, Green eyes
You will need:
  1. [Optional] a pale shimmery cream shadow
  2. A purple shadow (may be shimmery or matte)
  3. A matte medium-brown (use a contouring powder if you have one; you don't have to buy a separate brown shadow)
Step 1: (Optional) Apply a creamy base in a pale silver or champagne shade. This will intensify the violet. A regular primer will do as well.

Step 2: Use a soft brush to buff a bright medium violet (try MAC Parfait Amour or I Nuovi Purple Funk) into the center of the lids, leaving the outer corner and inner corner bare.

Step 3: Using the matte brown contouring powder or shadow (I actually used TheBalm's Bahama Mama powder) and a finer/smaller brush,  run the brown along the socket line above the violet. Don't drag the brown too far out and down.
IMPORTANT: You do NOT want to connect the arc to the outer corner of your eye if you have hooded or a slightly downward-dropping lid. Just stop above it and don't bother darkening the outer corners of your lid 

Step 4: Using the same brown, define the outer 2/3 of the lower lash line lightly. Don't use a dark shade here as a strong line there can make a slightly downward drooping shape look worse. You just want a tiny bit of definition.

Step 5: For definition at the lash line, simply apply a stroke of brown pencil or gel liner. You can add a short flick at the outer corner, but try to keep it short and simple as a lid that is folded low might cause excess liner to melt and smudge.

Step 6: Curl lashes and apply black mascara. 


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