Sunday, July 26, 2015

Dior Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection Eye Product Swatches plus Addict Fluid Shadow Review

Dior's launched 6 Fluid Shadows with their latest Autumn 2015 Cosmopolité Collection. The items that took my attention immediately were obviously the Fluid Shadows, which are something new to the brand.

These six shades come in the usual Dior Addict tubes with the Dior button on the top, and often get mistaken for lipglosses because of the 3 rosy tones (petal, burgundy, and violet) in the collection.

Dior Addict Fluid Shadows in 275, 875, 825, 655, 025, 545
Now there are different ways you can use this. If you dab it on with your finger, you get a very sheer translucent sheen. But if you want intensity, stroke it on straight from the tube using the brush, and then lightly tap and blend out the edges. You have a reasonable amount of time to pat and blend before they set, but they do go to a powder finish so don't work too slowly.

If you want to layer, wait until the first layer is completely dry first, then dab on a second coat, but be careful to dab instead of rubbing when blending the second coat or you can end up dissolving and shifting the bottom layer.

You can layer shadows on top of these, but I think it's a bit of a waste to buy something so shiny just to cover it up. I would recommend just applying a deeper shadow (like the matte brown I used below) along the socket line to add some definition and transition, but to leave the liquid shadows to shine.

For the finished look below, I applied the 825, the pale pink liquid shadow, then a matte brown powder shadow along the socket line, before dabbing 875, the deep wine-red shade to the outer corners. Then finally, I used a small liner brush to apply more of the deep red along the lash line as a subtle liner.

I've worn these out an entire day with no creasing, but then I don't have oily lids, so I can't speak to its lasting power for those who do. It did hold up rather well for me in any case. I would never consider these ultra-longwear products though. They are relatively easy to remove with makeup remover so I'd consider these more special occasion makeup than all-day every-day products. 

I do recommend these worn opaque rather than sheer, because there's not much point to investing in something like this and not getting the full effect from it. You can use it as a base, but do note that these set to a powder finish and will not grab onto shadows extremely well after that, so if you want them to hold your powder shadows in place, you need to apply your powders before the liquids set too much.

But if you ask me, I wouldn't see these as a base at all. These give plenty of drama to your lids, and powders blend well over and around them, so I would use them as accent colors when you want your lids to really glimmer and sparkle.

The Autumn Winter 2015 Cosmopolité Collection features the above eye products; 6 Dior Addict Fluid Shadows (SGD$53) and two 5 Couleur Palettes ($104), which have an intensity and pigmentation that is actually much higher even than the regular 5 Couleur palettes. I have to admit I prefer the usual quilted embossing but when I swatched these I was quite impressed.

 I did end up picking up 766 Exuberante from the collection. The mix of neutrals and a pop of intense royal blue really appeals to me. There are more options for day and night looks with this palette, versus 866. You can get softer looks with the plum toned palette, but the options are a bit more limited because you wouldn't be able to create any warm-toned looks with it.


  1. Absolutely beautiful look the one you created using the liquid shadows. Stunning!!. I really am looking forward to these after having a look at your beautiful swatches. Thank you!! :D

    1. Thanks so much Ro! Hope you have fun with these!

  2. These look so beautiful! Loved the eye makeup as well! :)

    1. Sorry missed your comment Emmy! Thank you!! Yes these are super fun. :D

    2. Sorry missed your comment Emmy! Thank you!! Yes these are super fun. :D

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