Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Clé de Peau Beauté Fall / Winter 2015 Collection: La Beauté Vénitienne

Cle de Peau Beaute's F/W 2015 Color Makeup Collection is inspired by the waters jewel-toned colors of Venice, and plays with light and shadows to create hazy, yet impactful colors.

There are a total of:

  • 3 quads - 311, 312, 313 (SGD$80 for each, $30 for the refillable case)
  • 5 Powder Blush Duos - 101 to 105 ($68 each, $40 for refillable case)
  • 10 Enriched Lip Luminizers - 227 to 236 ($80 each, $30 for the refillable lipstick holder)
  • 2 Bronzing Powder Duos - 1 and 2 ($130)

The showcase item for the collection is probably the Eye Color Quad in 311, which pairs gossamer cool neutrals with a deep, luxurious teal that's a perfect cross between green and blue. Cle de Peau's not usually the brand one turns to for outlandish strong colors, so I was quite surprised when I saw this palette.

But if you're worried about the colors looking garish, don't worry. There is only that one single shade that is a bit stronger, and the rest are like veils of shimmery fabric. The teal you can apply as an accent just along the lash line to add a bit of interest to a neutral look, OR you can do what I did and wear it stronger as a lid shade.

I personally love those blush duos. The colors look soft but you can get quite a good intensity if you pack it on with a good brush, so don't go overboard. I like swirling both the more intense and the more pearlescent shades together because the combined color is just more luminous and pretty, and add a "lift" to the cheeks. You can try to wear them separately, but I personally feel there isn't enough of a visible difference in tone between the 2 shades to warrant the effort.

The Enriched Lip Luminizers are great if you have dry lips or want an ultra luxurious balm-stick for daily use. They come in a mix of creme and shimmers. I'm just not sure I would rush out to purchase more shades because I for one go through these lip butter type lip products extremely fast, so at $80 a pop for just the refill, these can be quite a heavy investment if used frequently.

Also, an interesting thing to note if you didn't know, is that unlike the regular lipsticks, or most of the CPB products where you can get away with just buying the refill if you want the quality and colors, but don't want to shell out for the refillable packaging, these Enriched Lip Luminizers can't be used without the $30 lipstick case. There's a little click mechanism in the case that twists the lipsticks out of the tube. Without the case, you can't twist it. Just thought I should let you know!

In the case of lipsticks though, I would say just go ahead and invest in at least 1 case, if you intend to buy the colors. This is the one item aside from powder that you bring out to touch up, and without the sturdy, elegant, midnight blue case to keep it securely capped in your bag, you might end up making a very expensive mess.

The only products I have not featured in this post are the 2 bronzers, which I want to write about separately.

And now, with the swatching and quick review out of the way, here is the step by step to recreate that eye look!

On the cheeks, I am wearing 103, the petal pink blush.

For the lips, I wanted to keep things soft so the focus is on the dreamy teal eye, but at the same time I didn't want to remove the romanticism of the look by slapping on a nude lipstick, so I layered the deep raisiny shade 235 over a beige lip balm so there would just be a translucent stain of color, like you've bitten your lips.


  1. wow - pretty colors!!! and more modern than i expect from cdpb! thanks for the swatches!!!!!!

  2. FREAKING. GORGEOUS. I can't stop looking at it. I am SO afraid of blues but my god, now I just have to go run out and get this don't I? You are so great at your application! Many many thanks for the insanely helpful tutorial!

  3. I cant stop looking at this, big WOW!! Lovely eye colors and popping lips! Beautiful


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