Saturday, September 3, 2011

NYX Purple Rain Slim Lip Pencil Swatch and Review!

Swatches for shade comparison (Top-down): NYX Purple Rain pencil, NYX Fuchsia pencil, Bourjois Bleu Chatoyant eyeliner

Purple Rain is a deep magenta with muted violet-blue sheen. It gives the most interesting effect on the lips as it looks so deep, but at the same time has a bit of a "glow" because of the reflective pigments, and will not look flat. For fall, this gives great matte magenta lips.

The texture of all the NYX pencils I own have been great so far; soft and easy to spread and blend, so I'm enjoying this color although I'd initially been wondering how it could possibly work. As a tip, make sure to use the flat side of the pencil to gently stroke color on, as you don't want uneven patches where you have too much or too little product.

And don't try to keep layering it on to get the color perfectly opaque. That is just not going to happen. But with each pencil going at under US$2 on and, it's definitely worth checking out!

I'm placing my bets on Magenta as the Statement lip shade for Fall, as it's more grown-up but just as striking as the neon pinks of Summer 2011. (I'm not willing to put away strong lip colors yet.)

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